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Ozric Tentacles "Paper Monkeys" - new album coming October 7!!!

Discussion in 'Music' started by ipodpj, Sep 21, 2011.
  1. IPodPJ
    I am looking so forward to this.  You are either an Ozric fan, or you're not.
    Check out samples from the forthcoming album on these two sites.  The samples on each site are from different parts of the songs:
    You can tell the band has really matured and become more of a cohesive unit.
    These sound more like actual songs and less like improv sessions.
    Can't freakin' wait!  You can preorder it from Burning Shed, or a number of other places.
  2. Br777
    wow, last time i heard this band was like 10 years ago.. had no idea they still existed.
    yeah, they definitely sound more.....musical.. than they used to as i vaguely recall.
  3. spacemanspliff


    Ooooooh yEah? Why so vaguely Mr. Cool Aid?
    lol This band is fun.

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