overdriven headphones, burning smell, but no major damage?
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May 26, 2015
So I had a little mishap on saturday with my AKG K7xxs, where my idiot friend blasted dubstep through them at maximum volume. There was noticible distortion, and there was a burning smell in the general area after I caught him and turned it off. Yes, these were on his ear the entire time, but he's an idiot and probably wouldnt care if he lost his hearing.

Thats the incident, now for the aftermath. The headphones still work, first of all. I smelt them afterwards and still smelt burning, although this subsided after a few minutes. I assume that if the voice coil was roasted these would not work at all and the smell would linger. They have a removeable cable, and the connector was a bit warm and smelt a bit. After an event like this, i wouldnt expect them to function at all, but they seem to be somewhat OK. The only thing is i notice a bit less detail on the trebel now and that the bass is slightly more prominent, although this could be my imagination. There is no scratching or noticeable distortion. Is it possible for these things to come out of this with little to no damage, or am i fooling myself here?

TL;DR i have headphones that got overdriven and smelled some sort of burning afterward, damage is either not major or nonexistant, is that possible?

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