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Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by project86, Nov 7, 2013.
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  1. darinf
    Thanks for asking.
    Unfortunately we haven't made much progress. Still trying though. Debugging device drivers (kernel extensions) in macOS is non-trivial. Plus we've had to find a new programmer to help with development. That has caused delays getting them up to speed.

    I will post any updates on our progress as soon as I have anything to report. If we end up having to change the driver, we will also be at the mercy of Apple to approve/certify it.

  2. aerospace33
    Has anyone tried a comparison with a hardware based equivalent like the Smyth Realizer?
  3. audiohobbit
    not yet...

    I have an A8, and am eagerly waiting for the A16 I backed on kickstarter.

    Since the Realiser is the only way for me to listen to movies and music LOUD in my apartment, I'm alway anxious that the Realiser breaks and no one can repair it in the future (who knows how long the Smyths will be in the business..)

    So I'm looking for possible alternatives (as a longtime backup, because a PC can be replaced, a realiser not or not so easy). As I already have personalised PRIRs from the A8 I could use them also with OOYH as far as I understand.

    But I got one important question: Can a computer with OOYH be used as a black box like the Realiser?
    That means can you input external multichannel signals (via PCM or even analog) to the PC (with the right soundcard), can it be processed by OOYH and then output the 2ch HP signal to external hardware (EQ, HP amp etc.)?

    Because I don't want to use a PC as a Bluray Player (and since I use UHD bluray as well theres no player for those on a PC nor a disc drive or a legal way to play them).
  4. Zenvota
    There are internal uhd blu ray drives and powerdvd supports uhd. Im not sure on the legality but I use dvdfab to decrypt the discs since I like using mpchc with madvr(jriver is similar using madvr and lav filters).

    Ive never seen a pc accept audio from a separate source but maybe its possible. Sounds like some expensive pro audio equipment though.
  5. darinf
    Hi @audiohobbit ,
    Thanks for posting.
    While you can use Out Of Your Head on a computer to watch movies, the movie has to be played back on the computer either via a disk drive, file/server, or streaming. But since computers do not generally have HDMI inputs or any other way to get multi-channel audio into the computer, it's not easy to use an external player or source.

    But as you mentioned, you can use an audio input card or device to get multi-channel digital audio into the computer. Then you would have to be able to feed the live audio signal to the Out Of Your Head Virtual Audio device to process the audio and send it out to your headphones.

    In theory it could be done, but most audio input cards don't support multi-channel audio. Some of the higher end pro audio devices can do it, but off hand I am not sure what's out there these days.
    The other issue might be latency. But that would depend on the device and the software used to pass through the audio.

    I personally haven't tried it.

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  6. darinf
    Thanks for replying @Zenvota .
    Sorry I didn't see your reply before I posted mine.
    You are absolutely right.
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  7. audiohobbit
    Thanks Darin. So at least in theory it should be poosible if I get a professional sound card with inputs. maybe a used one for example.

    Anyway OOYH would just be a fallback solution for me if the realiser fails some day.
    The only problem I see is with your licensing. If someday you'll also stop the business and I change hardware I'd need a new license afaik and then I can't get one.

    The charge is only once isn't it? How much is it, software, license and one personal PRIR? (and additional PRIRs?)

    PS: Does OOYH need much processing power?
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  8. Zenvota
    On my i7 4770k and i3 8350k systems it uses 1-2% during the most demanding surround sound scenes, so no, it doesnt need alot of processing power, but it does benefit from faster processors in that I have no latency issues.
  9. darinf
    I suppose if I go out of business,, and you change hardware, then yes, you would not be able to get a new license. But that is assuming that I would not be around even if I ever went out of business.
    I would imagine that even if I went out of business, I would still be able to issue new licenses to previous customers.

    The license fee is a one time charge and does not expire. There may be an upgrade charge for future versions, but so far that has never happened.

    The Out Of Your Head software is $149 for one speaker preset of your choice.
    Additional presets are $15 to $25.
    If you want me to convert your own PRIR to a custom Out Of Your Head preset, the cost is $150 per conversion.

  10. Fox1977
    Hi Darin,
    May I ask why the conversion is that expensive ? Does it require a lot of work for you ?
    Since a regular preset costs $25, a customized one for $50 would sound fair but $150, that's quite a big sum.
  11. darinf
    Hi @Fox1977 ,
    Sorry about not responding sooner.

    The short answer is "yes", it is a lot of work to do the custom preset conversion. The process can take hours of work. It's not a plug and play process. It is a custom process that is unique to each conversion.
    The regular presets are a lot of work to create too, but the assumption is that they are lower priced since they will be sold many times. The custom preset will only be sold once.
    It's just like a custom fit, handmade IEM vs. a universal fit. The custom, "one off" product is going to be more expensive.
  12. Fox1977
    Thanks for the explanations !
  13. Zenvota
    Is there any way to make a custom preset without a Realiser?
  14. whazzup
    Any upcoming discounts for the last month of 2018? :L3000:
  15. darinf
    No. At the moment you must use a Realiser if you want a custom preset.
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