Out for a jog ...
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doo-di-doo-di-dum doo-di-dum doo-di-doo-di-dum
May 6, 2002
... with the JVC XM-R70 minidisc player/recorder that I just picked up. It arrived on my doorstep, and I immediately popped in a premastered disc, and headed out for a run with it. There was a nice cool fog hangind around, and the trail was nice and soft after a light rain. The Clash pumping and it was good times.

So anyway, I went for a minidisc player (among other reasons) because I thought it'd be easier to workout with. And it is -- definitely easier to run with than a larger, more akward PCDP. Fits nicely in the hand. But I'd still like to have some sort of hand/waist/leg strap for it. I also erg frequently, and in that case holding it won't be an option. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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You went jogging? Damn! I need a cigarette!
Check out the bags at Headroom...they got some nice ones.
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Haha, well, to each his own, millerdog. I'm not much of a runner, but I've run about 15 miles in the past couple days for some reason.

Headroom has some nice cases -- I like their general lugging ones better than their workout ones though ... looking for something a bit more minimal. I'll keep looking.

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i just came back from a bicycle ride (closed bike track by puget sound), and was using my r70 md player and some ex70 phones. i had the player in one of those waist packs travelers wear under their clothes to carry money, passport, etc., and it worked great.

when i'm walking i usually have it in a shirt pocket, which may also work for running.
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I'm usually pocketless when I'm working out. I think I'll need to find a strap of some sort -- I have a waist strap thing for a CD player that is similar to what I'm thinking of.

So how do you like the R70? As I said, it's my first piece of MD equipment, but how do you think it compares to other player/recorders?

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actually i have the sony r70. i also have the sony r50 and a high end home md deck. i like the r70 because it is tiny, takes aa batteries, and has a bit more bass then the r50 for my etymotic er-6 phones. the r50 is a classic, and has more detail and refinement to the sound than the r70. i haven't heard any of the sharp players.
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Thanks for the link, noguilt. I'll check out what they have to offer.

Ah, the Sony, right, redshifter. Annoying that different companies use the same model numbers. ... But that reminds me, are JVC minidisc products clones? Perhaps Panasonic clones? I know two of the four or five makers are clones, but I can't remember which. ...

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As far as I know, JVC make their own units, they are centainly not clones of Panasonic's.
Kenwood's units are clones of Sharp's, as are Pioneer's.
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Ah, very nice. That's what I was looking for. Thanks very much.

By the way, I think you and I are the only ones on Head-Fi that work out. Guess this hobby is conducive to sitting around a lot, haha.

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i'm by no means buff, but i get on my road bike whever i can. i have the sunburned forearms, stiff leg muscles, and stripe of mud up my back to prove it!

btw, i never wear my headphones when i have to bike in traffic. i am "mr. safety" when i ride. it's too bad so many other cyclists around seattle seem to have no clue how to bike in traffic, with other bikes, around people, etc. i once saw someone who was biking down 1st ave wearing camoflage! yeah, you really want to "blend in" when you're on the road.
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hey cmon, dont be so harsh, some ppl r stupid like that!

i ended up not goign for the armband, i went for a belt loop, water proof, 9 dollar cheaper one (after my recent purchase well, im short on cash, thats the least i can say
) o well, it shuld do fine if i just hold it/make a belt or something

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