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  1. choomanchoo
    Needs to said that Michael is an outstanding member if this unique community, payment was lightning fast, and he was also very patient with me,

    You Michael
  2. fuzydice
    Fast no-hassle payment, great communication, perfect buyer. Couldn't ask for better, really.
  3. kpeezy
    Fast payment, very easy sale. Very recommended.
  4. Aryolkary
    Bought a Chaintech AV710 from him, everything went well. Recommended, thanks.
  5. mjm
    Bought an amp from Michael & everything went well - good communication, prompt shipping. He even helped me out after the fact with a problem i had (my own fault, nothing wrong with the item).
    Very highly recommended.
  6. Miguel
    I bought some Equation headphones from him. All transaction went smooth, with a very fast delivery & good packaging. Thanks
  7. missionman
    Purchased a pair of ATH-M40FS. Accurate description, good packaging and fast shipping. Friendly and helpful, would not hesitate to do business again, Thanks!
  8. Spy_Hill
    Got an excellent deal. Good communication and it shipped out right away. I couldn't be happier. Thanks again.
  9. rodneymjones Contributor
    Traded Michael some HD-555's for his ATH-A500's. Easy transaction. Nice to deal with. Thanks!
  10. H3||scr3am
    bought some DT770 pro 80s off of him, great sale, quick and well priced, with fast shipping. Thanks Mike [​IMG]
  11. funch
    I bought a pair of NOS HD545's from Michael. Very smooth transaction and excellent communications. Highly recommended Head-Fi'er.
  12. Ub3rMario
    He bought my replacement hd580 cable. Great buyer, easy communication, quick payment. I DEFINITELY recommend doing business with him.
  13. Faust2D
    Bought A/130 and DT220 from ourfpshero. No problems at all. Recommended Head-Fi'er.
  14. troymadison
    I sold some stuff to ourfpshero and everything went perfectly well.
  15. buddhashenglong
    Bought some Koss R/80 from him a while back. Smooth transaction, good deal, great to do business with. Thanks.
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