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ouija boards experiences

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  1. kool bubba ice
    I bought one in 97... They say you need at least two people, preferablly a male/female. I never contacted anyone, nor did the glass indicator move to letters.. But something weird did happen.. Could be a total coincidence, but one day after using it, every place I went a light went out.. A light went out at my house.. A light went out at the DR's office... A light went out at my friends house.. All burned out bulbs?? Shook me a bit.
  2. leeperry
    don't mess w/ this unless you REALLY know what you're doing, and have ways to protect yourself. Evil spirits will be more than happy to mess you up mentally.
  3. zotjen Contributor
    You have to wonder how "supernatural" a Ouija board can be if they sell it in Toys 'R Us. If spirits, evil or otherwise, want to contact you, they are going to do so regardless of whether or not you attempt to do so first.
  4. sanakaku
    We tried it a school club when i was studying in the Philipines, sadly nothing happen well some of my friends were just horsing around
  5. virometal Contributor

    I agree. Past ouija excurssion still haunt me. Once I tried to contact a demon that haunted my girlfriend. People told me to leave it alone, but I didn't believe in such fantasy and taunted it. That thing almost killed us! There is a video record I kept while we slept, if anyone is interested.
    Play it safe. Fire up Chutes and Ladders instead.
  6. balderon Contributor
    I've not experienced any paranormal activities, nor would I seek any. I wouldn't mess with a Ouija board.
  7. leeperry
    there's a movie like this w/ demons haunting ppl at night, I read that it was uber-scary so I gave up the idea of watching it hah.
  8. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I used to deliberately push the puck around.  No one ever seemed to notice.
  9. Moontan13


    The rules suggest they'll leave you alone unless you initiate things.
    Eh, a Ouija board is easily manipulated, and some take it way too seriously. Enough reason to steer away.
  10. Roger Strummer
    My ouija didn't work [​IMG]
  11. proedros
    Go listen to Mars Volta - the Bedlam In Goliath.
    It's supposed to have this kind of experience in its DNA.
  12. joe Administrator
    I used one several times as a kid with no issues.  Then I used one with a group of friends in high school and was told I passed out, but wouldn't stop touching the indicator.
  13. kool bubba ice
    My parents told me a story about this board as a young kid.. Both seemed really frightened.. I was skeptical.. & kept asking them.. Did that really happen. They said yes in all seriousness.. They were playing with the board & claim the board jumped off the table.. They were so scared they burned it in the fire place.. Take it as you will.. Was it moved subconsciously cause they wanted it to? Was it a super natural force? Where they lying to me? My parents have always been upfront with me.. Minus the time my father got VD.. But another story..
  14. Roger Strummer


    No matter what hypothesis of the experience you adhere to, I don't think they are lying. No matter whether it was a supernatural force or ideomotor effect, the experience was real for them, and personally any of the alternatives is kind of frightening in their own way.
    On a personal note, I wouldn't try a ouija session because its kind of a lose-lose situation, either its a dangerous spiritual experience or it is kind of inconsequential from an skeptic view, kind of the opposite of Pascal's Wager. But that doesn't mean it would not be interesting to do it, or to read other people's experiences.
  15. Landis Contributor
    I heard Monopoly can be used to contact deceased royalty.
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