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OTL output cap - resistor question

  1. Gallic Dweller
    Seen lots of threads on headfi and other forums about o/put caps but the resistor question gets little or no mention.

    So, the D/V 336SE uses 3 x 10uF/250V Chinese caps per side. I want to change to Audyn 1 x 100uF/100V rough foil + a low value K73-16 per side. I do realise that using a 100V cap is risky if a valve/tube should fail.

    The PCB shows a value of 10K/1W for the resistor but in fact it is a 7K. I know that some use 32Ohm phones with the existing caps but 100uF caps should be far better.

    I intend to use my own construction silver pins for the cap positions and can do the same for the r positions too. This allows me to experiment with different caps/resistors without having to remove the PCB again.

    Do I need to change the 7K resistor and if so what value?

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