OS3.0's sound is lacking, welcome MDR-EX500 ;) UPDATE: ended up with UE Metro.Fi 170
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My beloved Triple.fi's aren't that happy with the new sound sig of the iPhone with OS 3.0

The Bass is just lacking. The rest of the sound is just fine with me, but it's the bass (in combi with the TF10) that's annoying the crap out of me.

So I'll team my TF10's up with my NW-S705 for true audio bliss and found a new match for my iPhone; the sony MDR-EX500. Nice IEM's for the money.

I paid 79,- Euro's for these metal IEM's from the big S. The sound is very niice

Weighty bass (dynamic bass is really enjoyable from time to time) and nice midrange (warm, lush). The Highs are sometimes a bit harsh, but my guess is that they'll settle after some serious burn-in.

So for all you Head-fi lovers who mis the bass in OS 3.0: get some relatively ''cheap'' IEM's (EX500, EX90, CX500, Jays, or whatever...) and enjoy the iPhone OS3.0. The iPhone isn't really a good match for the TF10's or it's team mates (SE530, Westone 3 etc etc) anyway, so I'mm all settled now with my new stylish combo.


(ENDED UP WITH UE Metro.Fi 170)

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Sound isn't lacking per se.. just tighter bass which might not mend well with phones that already not too ample in the lower registers. I'm glad I subconsciously fought that by deciding on the IE8.
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yes, you have a point there.

But my TF10's gave enough bass with the older FW's. So i really don't like it that OS3 sounds so different.. Still don't get the point of it?! Everybody was happy with the sound as it was?!

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I kind of like the 3.0 improvement more.. but then again I have pretty bass-heavy cans.

Actually I find the sound improvement from 3G to 3G S more dramatic than the OS change.. but I can't roll back to 2.2.1 on the 3G S to compare.
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Originally Posted by Bojamijams /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Lot of people are calling it an improvement in another thread...

Yep, and a lot of people see Jesus in their rearview mirror ...

I am willing to accept that 3.0 may have changed the default EQ on the iPhone, even if I cant detect any change on my 1st Gen Touch, and I am also willing to accept that the Cirrus chip in the Classic/latest iPhone is an improvement on the old Wolfson chip, but some of the hoopla around SQ on the iPhone is out of control. I just listened to a 3G iPhone and a 3rdGen Nano : the iPhone might have 5% better SQ, IMO, but thats still about 20-30% off the bar set by Cowon.

End of the day, if you can get everything you want in a single device, more power to you, but lets not get carried away. Apple spent less than $2 on the Cirrus chips in the latest iPhone : I dont think awesome SQ was high on their list of priorities.
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W-w-what!? I guess these things really ARE subjective then.. I used to have an X5 (heralded as one of Cowon's finest players, I believe) and my 3G and 3G S both appeal to me considerably more in terms of sound from the headphone-out.
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3XO, I guess there will always be a debate as to which of Cowon's players has the best SQ, and I know that some prefer the Sony 700/800 for a warmer sound, but personally I enjoy my Cowon whenever I can sit down and work through the woeful UI - that is one advantage that Apple still have over everyone else. As I said, if you can get everything in one device, more power to you, but the short period of time I have spent with Apple's products (granted, not the 3GS iPhone) soon sent me back to the other players. I do want to audition the Classic at some stage, but for now I'll stick with my MD10 for any iTunes related listening.
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In the end the 70 euro's EX500's were just not my cup of tea. after some serious burn in sold them and went for real cheap: JVC HA-FX34. Nice IEM's for the money, but the sleevs are rubbish and the build quality wasn't great.

Now what I thought! Then (luckily) I got a chance to audition UE Metro.Fi 170's. For 30 euro's these are very nice IEM's. They have almost the same build quality as my TF10's and the sound is great for such an IEM.

So, long story short: I started out with the Sony EX500's and ended up with good'old UE


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