Orthos: Mod Yamaha YH-3 or buy modded Fostex T50RP?
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Nov 2, 2013
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Hello everyone. After months of perusing head-fi I have finally decided to join! Mostly because this question is the first that I have not easily been able to find an answer for.
The short question: I discovered an old pair of Yamaha YH-3 orthos that my dad used to use. These have introduced me to the world of orthodynamics and I am trying to decide if I should save money and attempt to modify them (the pads definitely need to be replaced) or if I should purchase a modded Fostex T50RP. Let's use Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs with Alpha Pads for the sake of this discussion.
Feel free to answer based off the above alone.
The slightly longer version: I am a poor classically trained musician in my mid 20s who has never been happy with the way recorded music sounds. Head-fi has become my new reading obsession, trying to figure out what is available that would allow me to enjoy recordings. I listen to about 80% classical (for lack of a better term... its more Romantic period to present) music, 15% jazz and 5% rock/hip-hop/electronic music. Due to the restrictions of late-night apartment listening, headphones are more logical. I have been trying every pair of headphones I come across in my budget ($300 max), and these old Yamaha orthos that I found in my childhood home's basement are the closest to what I'm looking for that I've heard. The Orthodynamic Roundup forum has been a great resource as I research potential modifications. But what I'm wondering is, do you think I would be much happier purchasing a modded T50RP rather than saving money on the Yamaha mod?
Thanks in advance
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Hiya, welcome to Headfi. I am sorry about your wallet :)
I would go for a latest orthodynamic phone such as mad dogs or HE 400. The technology has improved. So it is better to buy latest planar headphone and modify the YH 3 on a later date.
here is a review of T50RP, http://www.head-fi.org/t/683663/mr-speakers-mad-dog-review
you can also read the planar round up here, http://www.head-fi.org/t/111193/orthodynamic-roundup

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