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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. BananaOoyoo
    Aside from the Shozy Pola though, electrostat impressions have been pretty positive, right? I think the Fitear EST's been decently reviewed, and Jomo Trinity's supposed to be great.

    On the other hand, prices... not so pretty.
  2. justrest
    I still have some hope.
  3. justrest
    I was wrong, sorry, Oriolus will be release new model, but the blue one is almost identical with Reborn Limited edition.
    This is the first MMCX model of entire Oriolus products by the way.

    This is Reborn Limited Edition.
    ori reborn.jpg

    This is the new model.
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  4. ctaxxxx
    MMCX?! Nooo! All my aftermarket cables are in 2-pin! :tired_face:

    I wonder why the change though.
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  5. justrest
    Same as you, I don't have any MMCX cable, except CA Solaris stock cable.
    I don't know why they gave up the 2pin cable. Sad.
  6. 1TrickPony
    Ugh. Why even go mmcx when they aren't that reliable in the long run :frowning2:

    By any chance has anyone had the chance to compare the finschi with the grey oriolus (forgetting the name right now) ?
  7. justrest
    Forsteni (grey one)

    Any impressions would be great.
  8. -rowan-
    Caveat: MK2 owner here. I spent quite a bit of time with both Finschi and Forsteni but do not own either of them.

    F & F are almost polar opposites - like chalk and cheese, really.

    Finschi attempts to be a budget MK2 in terms of signature but doesn't quite pull it off, I'm afraid. You've got to like fat DD bass. Darker and not as well controlled as the MK2's. Meanwhile the single (?) BA sounds like it's spread too thin over the mids and highs. Overall it lacks the coherence of the MK2 that set it apart from so many other hybrid IEMs.

    Forsteni's signature is completely different from the other 2. It skews dry and bright. Light on sub bass. Bass is lean and quite fast, so no issues with bleeding into the mids. Forsteni has the most prominent treble of the 3 and relies on it to create that impression of clarity. Overall a more successful and coherent IEM than Finschi imo. You must be able to deal with sibilance though. I thought I was but the sibilants were way hotter than I've heard in some time. :/

    Also, Oriolus, *please* don't go down the MMCX route. Or just keep offering 2-pin options for the rest of us.
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  9. ncristia
    For $179 I think the Finschi is outstanding in what it does. I feel it bests the EE Bravado in all areas except the bass because I find them equal in bass. Bravado is a fine IEM but veiled and treble shy. I use the Finschi with either the Effect audio, that came with Bravado or Norne Audio Therium silver and enjoy it immensely out of a Sony ZX300A. Tremendous bang for the buck.
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  10. Hinomotocho
    Has anyone compared the Reborn to the XBA-Z5 or the IT04? I tried them briefly at e earphone yesterday but was a bit overwhelmed, and distracted in the busy store to get a good overall impression so I would be keen to hear from anyone who might have experience with either of these, thanks.
  11. costas23
    I have the original Oriolus (not reborn) and the XBA-Z5 and they are both my favorite phones (even compared to more expensive stuff). I would say the Oriolus is the better allrounder and more exciting/fun overall.... the Z5 is warmer, slower and smoother. It depends on what music you listen to and what mood you are in. I kept both
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  12. Hinomotocho
    Thanks for your reply - I have really enjoyed the Z5 but as the fit is annoying me I will sell them to pay for something new. Ideally I would like something with a similar bass but I'm open to something a bit different. The Reborn was the closest I found but it it is a bit over my budget, but if I decide against a new pair of overheads I might be able to justify it. Unfortunately I would also need a balanced 4.4mm cable for my ZX300 which is a shame as the Forsteni I tried last year had a special 4.4mm cable and the Reborn has the lovely PW (3.5mm).
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  13. zibra
    Can anyone compare Oriolus MK2 vs Sony Ier M7?
  14. Hanesu
    The Oriolus sounds way more exiting!

    I still don’t get why Sony charges so much for the M7. To my ears it sounded kinda dry and boring and for sure not better than other phones Sony has released in the past years for a lot less money
  15. echineko
    I'm guessing the bass was the biggest disappointment for you? I couldn't go back to it when I compared with Mk2 and even their Z1R
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