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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. klove4252
    It happens for me as well. I don't think its anything major. 
  2. florence
    It happens to anyone. No big deal at all.
  3. phonomat
    Great, that's what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the confirmation. Anyone know what's responsible for this, though? Just curious.
  4. Jonlow414
    I believe it's the dynamic driver. Since there's a dynamic driver ventilation port, the pressure from pressing down on the IEM causes the driver's membrane to contract and relax, causing that crinkly sound. Happens to me on my hybrid IEM and asked the person who made it and gave me that explanation.
  5. costas23
    yes, it is the dynamic driver. look up for "driver flex" on google... it comes from the flex the driver membrane gets when the seal is too "good" :wink:
    mine does that too and its usually nothing to worry about, it actually shows that the ear canal is sealed. However I don't like the sealing pressure or vacuum in the ear canal and some people here say, that driver flex might not be that good for the driver in the long run.
    But, when having that vacuum, if you pull on your ears a bit, the sealing pressure will be released, you'll still have a good seal, but without pressure, hope that helps :wink: 
  6. DimitriTrush
    Sorry for interrupting the discussion on the Oriolus IEMs
    I dont know another place where to put add like this. If there is a dedicated thread I would gladly move this post there.
    Thanks everyone.
    > I am looking for an individual who I met in Essen Germany during EU CanJam on September 26 2016.
    You got an Oriolus from me on last day of the event. I dont have your contact info I lost it. 
    if you are reading this post please PM me urgently.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  7. ezekiel77
    Was the Mellianus available to test at Fujiya Avic?
  8. DimitriTrush
    ranfan likes this.
  9. ezekiel77
    Whoa mama
  10. gr8soundz
    Thanks. Any details? Estimated price? Availability?
  11. alffla
    What's the Mellianus like compared to the Oriolus?
  12. boomtube
    +1...inquiring minds want to know.
  13. DimitriTrush
    to Gr8Sounds:
    No details yet  on NT-1
  14. plakat
    I sold my original Oriolus some time ago and missed it ever since... now I got a V2 some 2-3 weeks ago. Still the perfect IEM for my taste, full bodied, very good midrange (something I've never bothered much with, but here its so beautiful that I digged out some vocal deep house tracks), impressive bass that is clean, has good punch without being overdone, reaches impressively deep and is just fun to listen to. Paired with excellent treble presentation that has enough sparkle and no harshness at all -- perfect.
    Had a 5-day trip over the weekend and for the first time like forever I left the house with just one IEM (and no headphones) and one player (AK380). I can take them with me each and every time I go out, really enjoying the combo: small, lightweight and exceptional sound. What a luxury having that kind of quality on such a portable format.
    I've recently had the opportunity to listen to the Mellianus and found it to have a similar sound signature to the Oriolus MK2, with a very nice bass that was quite impactful for a BA.
    Their new player was there as well, funny interface reminiscent of a vinyl record player, even the tone arm moved and indicated the position in the track. build quality looked very good.
    An early prototype of a tube amp. Yes, not a hybrid. Runs ~20h on the battery pack used. Do you see the tubes?
    Its the two light green spots in the above photo, one of them here:
  15. boomtube
    Could you go into a bit more detail on the differences in sound-sig between the MK2 and Mellianus? 
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