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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. kimD

    The silver cable is stock bundle cable?
    Nice look great that price is around 6500 RMB really make me consider to ship it from Taobao

    Any update for Martian?
  2. alffla
    not sure about the cable. I didn't try the Martian.

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  3. kimD

    That cable for only Maestro & Mentor v2 only
  4. florence
    anyone using Oriolus + Mojo combination out there? Waiting for the iem to arrive and I am curious how they will sound. Coming from Velvet btw.
  5. alffla
    funnily enough, the first time I demoed the Oriolus was with the Mojo. I've always felt the Mojo gives a slightly warm boost to the low end as well as a slight refinement of smoothness in the highs, so with the Oriolus' bass being slightly on the laidback side, the Mojo give it a little more oomph that made it sound even more dynamic and lush. 
    I've also demoed the Velvets, and my opinion is that they're one of the more artificial sounding IEMs - bass is unnaturally strong, and mids are a little compressed sounding , and highs are high reaching but oftentimes harsh. The Oriolus, on the other hand has a much more laidback and natural sounding bass, mids and vocals will sound magnificent and natural compared to the Velvet, and highs will be less harsh but won't be the biggest difference out of the three frequency ranges.
  6. 3nenbgumi
    Sorry but could you elaborate a bit more on how the Oriolus sounds with the Mojo? I am pretty intrigued by the Mojo and planning on picking up an used one soon, but reviews seem to indicate that there is marginal to zero improvement on using the Mojo with sensitive IEMs. Wondering if that would be the case with the Oriolus, by itself is already a warm and smooth affair to begin with.
  7. alffla
    I can try, but the Mojo was actually my friends - I currently only run my IEMs out of my OnePlus X since I'm not ready to invest in DAPs and Amps and such right now. 
    Yes, the Oriolus is already a rather warm sounding and sensitive IEM so the improvements are definitely not something that I would claim is a night and day difference. However, my experience with the Mojo has been that the low end frequencies seemed to sound a tad warmer and more solid. So far I've tried the Oriolus, Westone 4R and Andromeda out of the Mojo. In all cases the bass had slightly more impact and roundness, without ever becoming boomy and bleeding over into the midrange, if that makes any sense. I hope this helps.
  8. 3nenbgumi
    Definitely - thank you very much
  9. alffla
    By the way - I had a chance to try out the yet to be officially released "entry level" Oriolus - a new 1DD2BA offering from mini-audio. It basically costs half the price of the 1DD3BA Oriolus.
    I was definitely suffering from a little listening fatigue as this was near the end of the day after spending 5 hours at the Hong Kong Audio Visual Expo, and show conditions are not really ideal for demoing, but I was somewhat unimpressed by this, although it may be something to consider for someone not willing to blow 700-800USD on an IEM yet.
    It had a similar sound sig to the original Oriolus, but I think there was less detail retrieval in the highs - snares did not sound as engaging and snappy, cymbals not as sparkly. I think the bass had  about a similar texture to the original.
    Here's a bonus pic for you all:
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  10. florence

    Thank you very much. I understand that Mojo and Oriolus will not bring the night and day difference which I do not expect already. However, it will be useful to strengthen low frequency of Oriolus.
  11. kimD

    3120 HK?
    Seem like quite worth it.
    But may close to UM Martian
  12. justrest
    New Oriolus Mk2 has 2ba or 3ba?
  13. alffla

    2ba. half the price.
  14. justrest
    I checked the musicaacoustics site and it seems 1268usd for mk2. And it says 3ba and 1 dynamic. I am confused.
  15. alffla

    sorry I thought u meant the new one I just posted above. the mk2 which came put a while ago does have 1dd3ba configuration.only thing different is the acrylic shell is made with better material
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