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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. equalspeace
    The Mk2 really tells the truth regarding the sound capabilities of different DAPs. On my less capable iems the differences are not so apparent.
  2. buonassi
    yep, despite its upper treble rolloff in the top octave, mk2 has incredible resolution and can be used to discern sonic differences of daps much easier than other IEMs. Also has something to do with the high mid peak sounding so real and quite a bit forward. I just sold mine and already regretting it @FTWinfrey08 :wink:

    But... there are more IEMs to try. Can't keep them all. I figure I can always circle back to the mk2 later on....
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  3. issuzark
    Is the MK2 still in production? I thought the new ones are all Reborn.
  4. equalspeace

    You're a brave soul for selling yours. Good luck finding a better pair for all genres. I just love how the Mk 2 sounds so detailed and full despite not being piercing in the treble regions at all. I will probably keep mine as long as they work.
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  5. -rowan-
    I bought my MK2 despite feeling it lacked that final mile in treble extension. Still holding on to my MK2 despite not having changed my opinion of it. Love the sweet mids, deep thumpy bass and outstanding coherence. Mitigating the treble with a pure silver cable to squeeze out the last ounce of upper end air.

    But I’m curious anyway. For those who are selling/have sold your MK2, what made you let them go and what have you moved on to?
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  6. buonassi
    Ergonomics were my issue on mk2. The shallow fit meant I had to push them into my concha further for them to seal, which caused soreness after about an hour. I moved on to fibae black and 64 a12t - both customs. I was just tired of anything less than a perfect fit. TBH, that FH7 by fiio is looking very promising. Also the IT04 graph looks absolutely perfect for my preference, so I may have to pick up a couple more toys here.

    Also @issuzark - the reborn are sonically and aesthetically the same as the mk2. the only difference is the cables. At least I'm 90% sure that's the case, but would be good for someone else to confirm.
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  7. kohjul
    Anyone have tried the Percivali?
  8. goatkidbaahcity
    Mistakenly thought I would prefer something a bit less warm/with more treble. Ending up being the wrong choice, and I stare at the reborn now with my finger hovering over the "purchase" button.

    IMO, orioulus is still one of the top "fun" tuned hybrids on the market in 2019, and it surprises me that it doesn't get more love.
  9. Hanesu
    Yepp, see my post a few pages before :)
  10. cqtek
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  11. kohjul
    oops my bad :D
    did you still remember, does it have the "treble sparkle" like Hyla CE5?
    CE5 got that treble sparkle like no otherrr
  12. Hanesu
    From memory it had a lot of sparkle and details, too. Very, very clear and clean sounding. Though it sounded quite different from the HYLA to my ears. The HYLA for sure is more V-shaped and less pronounced in the mids. That is why super crisp sparkle (and ultra deep sub bass) stands out particularly with CE5 IMO. I feel the CE5 is a lot like the IE800 was many years ago (just technically even better). Because of its signature, it always brings shimmer and something spectacular to the music you throw at it. But this shimmer also can let the music sound slightly artificial. Comparable to a super high quality TV, where pictures look so hyper realistic that they actually loose their realism - if can you imagine what I mean. I think this kind of "beauty" (because it is a kind of beauty) works very well with certain genres (especially electronic music, because it is created artificially anyway and exaggerating only makes it even more expressive).

    The Percivali - again from memory - was more pronounced in the mids and had a more balanced approach. Closer to the original Oriolus, just a bit brighter and for sure more detailed, maybe slightly quicker in the bass decay. So the "effect" of the sparkle was different, even though it definitely was there. I guess it might be a better allrounder for all kinds of music because of its more balanced approach. But of course that really depends on people and situation.
    I definitely also value earphones like the HYLA or IE800 (that I actually own)...
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  13. freddychin
    Please note that what I hear is based on my personal hearing and liking of the type of music.
    Here is a history of the type of iems I have as a guide so that you will know I come from what type of music signature.
    Westone UM2, Westone 4R, Fitear TG334 and current first Custom Oriolus Reborn

    My Fitear TG334 will be 6 years old in 5 months time. Getting Custom Oriolus Reborn was more of trying out custom for isolation and getting it due to a similarity toward TG334

    My logic towards "MY" music is there is no good or best iems only there is good or best iems to "MY OWN EARS" based on what I have for my listening setup.

    It also mapped to many other sub reasons and details.

    #Can I can afford it and to what extend.
    #The CD music source as how it was recorded and how it was ripped to my DAP
    #DAP compatible with the cable and iem
    #The type of music you listen. I am in Jazz and Vocal category
    #Everyone ears is different. The music note is depends on how much your ears can capture or listen to
    #Etc,Etc, Etc

    Now to pen down and share as how I feel about it based on the setup I have in just simple point form after 2 weeks of listening.

    Treble - I find it at time certain high pitch is not sturdy enough to stand and may collapse on default copper cable. Toxic SW to the rescue
    Mid - It still a far margin to beat TG 334 if use the default copper cable. Thus I use my Toxic Silver Widow which is Silver/Gold cable to get it closer
    Bass - Is definately better then TG 334 on the default copper cable. Using the Toxic SW even make the bass sound even better with compact solid and not loose sounding

    I believe my current setup will even sound better after a longer period time
    The demo set in the shop was tested by many Mr Dick, Mr Tom and Mr Harry with many burnt in hours and sound so much better compare to my current new custom, ha ha

    Note: Current setup all are new except Toxic SW cable that is at least 4.5 years old

    thx n rdgs
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  14. issuzark
    Not sure where I read, but someone mentioned MK2's had cracked housing issues IIRC, unless my memory is so bad that it's the MK1 that had that. Didn't the MK2 come with PW No.5's too?
    I finally tried the Oriolus last week. I liked it the warmth, but the housing was a bit too big for my ears so it kind of required some constant pushing to prevent it from falling out.
  15. Ojisan
    My solution to this falling out was to use a longer eartips. Yamaha tip worked really well for me. You could also try Spinfit double flange. See https://www.head-fi.org/threads/oriolus-hybrid-iem.739745/page-101#post-14876516
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