Oriolus BA300s JP or Monolith DAC/THX 788 Amp
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K R Audio

New Head-Fier
May 21, 2020
Hi All,
I am new to the high end audio space and wanted some feedback on headphone amp choice between Oriolus BA300s JP or Monolith 124459 DAC/THX 788. The two I am looking at I know are not similar but some opinions would be appreciated. I know the tube amps are suppose to give a unique sound that is sought after by many but I wanted to also ask about the Monolith 124459 Desktop Amplifier with Dac and THX technology 788 modules. I have read so many positive reviews on it. Can you give me feedback on which are the best option for my Sendy Avia Black Beauty series 97X76mm planar magnetic diaphragm and Senn 660 HD headphones with a Hiby R6 Pro? The price between the Oriolus BA 300 and Monolith amp are in the same ballpark but the Monolith seems a lot more versatile.. Is the unique sound quality of the tube and the fact that it is portable outweigh the benefits of the Monolith?

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