Original Shuffle has better sq?
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Jan 4, 2008
I have used them for about 2.5 years now

I never thought about sq when i was using the white earbuds

since i discovered Head-Fi and bought the senn 595s, i'm beginning to pay more attention to sq

so... does the 1 Gen shuffle have better sq than the other ipods?

please excuse me if i'm being noobish
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what it has is better performance with the white earbuds. it can drive very low imp phones, all the way to 12imp phones whichjust about no other player can play. not until sony brought out 600 and 800 and the sansa clip and express have ability to keep bass through the small channels of pure headphone output killer.

shuffle two does not have the same output (push-pull). the shuffle is not the best of ipods, it is one of the best of all mp3 players for low imp headphones. the regular ipods also sound good but... just like any ohter player they cannot power iems or canalphones or regular earbuds well.
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So far the (1st generation) iPod Shuffle is the best mp3 player I have heard, but the search continues...I just don't know what there is to be improved? Oh, I wish it had window, but I am sure some how that would throw something out of whack and that precious harmony would be lost.

Less is more I suppose!?

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