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  1. mesasone
    It's the Chinese New Year... most of China has shut down for a week or more.

    Despite the name, the T3($119) is the successor to the T4($109). Both are designed for IEMs. The T3 and T4 are the same size, which is to say TINY. No, it's really, really small. Like almost the size of a book of matches. I haven't heard the T4, but I like my T3. Most who have heard both state the the T3 is the superior sounding amp. Battery life is in the 35-40 hour range.

    The D10($279, I believe) is a completely different beast. It's much larger, includes a DAC with the option to use USB, TOSlink, as well as digital coaxial I believe. The D10 also posses the ability to roll your own opamps to find the sound signature you prefer. The amp section seems to be pretty well regarded but is bested by the D4($219) which is also a DAC/amp combo but lacks the digital optical and digital coaxial inputs.

    If you need a DAC and desire digital optical (TOSlink) or digital coaxial connectivity, the D10 is your only option from iBasso. If you can live with USB only, the D4 is probably a better buy.

    If you want a small amp for IEMs and do not need a DAC section, the T3 is probably your amp. There is also a T3D with a digital pot, which is more expensive ($135, I believe), and per iBasso actually sounds slightly worse than the T3.

    I wish they would have left their website up, as it would be nice to look at the stats of their products even if you can't place an order until after the holiday.
  2. nonsupremous
    Thanks. I think I might look into the T3. I was looking for a small amp to pair with my sony walkman and Yuin PK1.
  3. Ultrainferno
    T3 ordered today! Haven't heard anything from them yet, lol [​IMG] [​IMG]

    update 27/02: Just got email from iBasso confirming the shipment and the tracking number, item is still in HK. They do work on weekends it seems. :wink:
  4. Metalspree
    Ordered a D4 Mamba yesterday mailed them today as to did they get my payment and when they are going ship it out.Got an instant reply saying it is packed and waiting to be picked up.I guess i will not get a mail until Monday.Have to wait [​IMG]

    Edit: I just checked my schedule and came to know that i have a exam that too bloody Business Finance on next Friday.I do not want the amp to come before Friday else i would end up speeding more time on amp .Bahhhh i am confused.

    Update: Got a mail from iBasso that my package is been shipped and good news is the tracking no is working.Its still in Hong Kong.I got the mail at 10PM Hong Kong Time :O :O .What is this company do they work all night??
  5. Ultrainferno

    Originally Posted by Ultrainferno /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    T3 ordered today! Haven't heard anything from them yet, lol [​IMG] [​IMG]

    update 27/02: Just got email from iBasso confirming the shipment and the tracking number, item is still in HK. They do work on weekends it seems. :wink:

    Ordered Thursday evening 25/02
    Tracking number received 27/02
    Package delivered on monday 01/03 by DHL in AM

    That's only 4 days with a weekend in between :O
  6. Metalspree
    Mine has reached Auckland today afternoon.I will be getting it tomorrow.Here is a screen shot as in how fast i got it .Kudos to DHL.

  7. Metalspree
    Received my amp( D4) today.I am shocked by the size of it and its performance.Its just brilliant .Thank you ibasso for shipping so fast .Thank you once again for packing it so amazing.Its a total VFM product .I have no words to say [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks to fellow head-fiers for helping choosing the right amp.
  8. Ultrainferno
    accidental post ^^
  9. neopac
    Ordered my P3+ wednesday last week and it got shipped friday ... arrived my office-desk today (wednesday) ... two thumbs up for the fast service from ibasso and dhl.

  10. syeung
    Does anyone have any experience with iBasso shipping via UPS?

    I received my shipping confirmation on 3/8 with a UPS reference number for tracking, but no information comes up when I try to track the package.
  11. spidipidi
    First time poster here, so, hello![​IMG]
    Ordered my first ever headphone amp (the D4) on monday and I'm stoked! Got my tracking number yesterday but it's not working. I see other people have experienced this. So suddenly someone from DHL may stand on my doorstep?
  12. Ultrainferno
    wait a day or two for it to show up in the tracking system. Once it is in there, expect it to arrive very quickly.

    Don't worry, the service is great [​IMG]
  13. CEE TEE Contributor
    Tried to order from iBasso on a Mac with both Safari and Camino. Kept getting errors. Guess I can't buy iBasso.
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  14. brendon
    I also had a great experience. India was not a part of the ordering form. So I sent them a mail to ask if they ship here and if so how to pay.
    Within 15 mins I got a reply and a paypal request form. At that time  I was actually going to get the D4. However I changed my mind and went for the P3+ instead. So I asked them to change my order to the P3+ instead. Again within minutes they replied with the revised paypal request form. Paid them the next day and got a confirmation that the amp was shipped the same day !
    And finally after 4 days (including a Sunday) the amp was at my home ! :)
  15. TK33
    syeung - How long did it take for your tracking information to become active?  I have the same situation.  I placed the order approximately 3 days ago and received a shipment confirmation with a UPS reference number (11-characters, beginning with an H) two days ago but the number does not seem to be working.  Perhaps I am not using the Track by Reference page correctly? 

     EDIT: Actually emailed them and they were able to give me a regular UPS trackig number.  Looks like delivery is scheduled for tomorrow!

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