OPUS #1 High Resolution Portable Digital Audio Player - Now available in the UK from Hifiheadphones
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Jun 15, 2015
The OPUS #1 High Resolution Portable Digital Audio Player by audio-opus

Demand for high quality music formats and data rates is as high as ever, so we are pleased to introduce to the UK the OPUS #1 High Resolution Portable Digital Audio Player which can satisfy even the most exacting music fans.

The company behind the OPUS#1 player have been developing consumer electronic products for the Japanese and North American markets since 2004. As the designers have a personal passion for audio the next logical step for them was to produce a product that not only looks good and works well, but also delivers the audio quality they craved for.

The Opus#1 player combines touch screen technology with a customised Android operating system to produce a sound which is perfectly balanced between accuracy and musicality; detailed enough for the finest nuance, while retaining a natural and expressive element that is hard to find in other audio players.
Designed and built in South Korea, audio–opus have removed the unnecessary clutter from the Android system used on the Opus #1 player, stripped it back to the bare bones and rebuilt it again to produce an audio player that concentrates solely on the music.  They have created the most optimized solution for a music lovers to really’ feel’ the quality of  high resolution audio formats.
For a brief video review from John at Hifiheadphones please click on the image below.

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