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Options in the $150 range - Rock/Metal music

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by endofthedream, Jul 31, 2012.
  1. EndoftheDream
    I looked around this fourm a couple of times over the weeks as I have been searching for some nice over the ear headphones, but nothing has been exactly what I am looking for. Now I am not a huge audiophile, I like nice sound for a decent buck and I don't know a lot about the technicalities, but I don't want to lay my money down on something like skullcandy.
    I really want a pair that has a good range. I listen to bands like Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Apocalyptica, so hard rock and metal, often with female vocalists, but not always. I don't want so much bass that I can't hear the words, I want the singing to be crisp and able to reach those high frequencies, but I also want the lows to be prominent, just not bass driven headphones.
    I have been looking at a number of headphones and thought of these:
    1. Bose Ae2 - though most people seem against them, and I have tried them at the store, but I wasn't overwhelmingly impressed, I thought they sounded nice, but perhaps the bass wasn't quite powerful enough.
    2. Sennheiser HD 205 - which I have right now but did not open. Though I find the headband really thick, sturdy sure, but I want something that is a bit thinner on top so that it doesn't push all my hair down (ha, not to sound superficial). Though that is really more of a minor concern.
    3. Shure SRH440 - I haven't been able to test these though.
    Edit: 4. Vmoda M80 - it's $200 where I am looking though so I am not sure. Again for these ones I have no way of testing them :s I never intedned to be looking this in depth! I thought I'd slap down $60 bucks and be on my way, but it turns out I am much picker than I thought! Although even the crappy Sony's that I just returned were better than friggin ipod earbuds. Good ridance to those things! 
    Edit again:
    5. I also just came across Denon AH-D1100, I am still looking at information about these, again they are around $200, so I am still iffy. 
    6. Sony Mdr 7506 - looked at these before, but forgot about them. Seem alright. Same price range as the Bose, but are they worse?
    Otherwise are there any other headphones in that price range (100 - 150) that might fit the bill? I don't need the Grado PS1000, just a good pair for travel and standard listening with some power to the bass but highs that come out crisp and easily heard over that bass.
    I really don't know a whole lot about headphones, so sorry if I come off as naive. I appreciate you all taking the time to read this.     
  2. tzjin
    If you want a portable setup, I highly recommend the HD25. Fast, lively, with accented treble and bass. They often go for less than $150 used in the classified section.
  3. EndoftheDream
    Thanks man, I will check those out.
    I think I am saying no to the Bose, Sennheiser HD205 and as much as I want the Denon I heard they are no good for rock (which is a problem for me haha) so I am on the hunt again...
  4. WiR3D
    Yeah the denons are bass heavy, and not really good.
    bose is ****
    that senn is sibilant, and sucks with rock, only good for electronica.
    the Creative Aurvana Live is another possibility. 
  5. EndoftheDream
    Hey thanks a lot yah, I really like those ones. Seems to be really good, great price, nice design with a head band that isn't too thick. Very strong contender for myself indeed.
  6. delusionist
    What about the Sony ZX-700? I think they're perfect for you. No bloated bass and they're not harsh like the MDR-V6/7506. The SRH-440 seems good too.

    @WiR3D: The CAL sounds similar to the Denon D2000/D5000/D7000, but a bit more warm.
  7. EndoftheDream
    The only thing about Sony is that I have been burned by them a few times in the past (most recently) especially when it comes to customer service so I am hesitant, though the ZX-700 seems good enough, do you know if the bass is still present enough and not subdued, I still want a decent boom, but with Rock music heavy bass gets muddled, but subdued bass sounds too flat.
    As for the other Denon models (D2000 and up) it's a little out of my price range so if they are similar to the CAL then I might just go for that one, I am not sure why but that one has just caught my attention right away so if there are others similar to that that maybe could be recommended. I am unfortunately not able to test them out, though I am not an audiophile (yet...) so as long as it creates crips highs and active bass, but not overly so, then I think I might have to nab those, especially at well under $150. Basically anything will sound better than those crappy ipod earbuds, even the Sony MDR7 did, though that was a very blurred sound.
    Thank you all for the suggestions and if there are others that might be contenders against the CAL headphones they I would love to take a look at those too, if not I think I am going to purchase those today.
  8. delusionist
    I would call the ZX700 flat, and the CAL has enhanced bass. The safer bet is the ZX700 it doesn't drown the midrange and treble like cheap headphones, I do find the CAL to lack sparkle in the treble, but it's non-fatiguing at least.
  9. EndoftheDream
    You would say the ZX700 is flat? 
    I have been looking around for deals on the CAL just as I had been looking for deals on a bunch of others before - why is everything on sale the second week of June (and then ended so quick)? I don't really want to wait for a deal so I think I am just going to pay the $96 that I found them for, though it bugs me a bit to know some people got em for $60 to $70 and I am paying more but oh well, I just wanted a good pair and I was going to pay $150 so not bad I guess. Hopefully I find them great too. I don't think I am too critical just because I have not had a lot of experience with headphones so for under $100 and with such great reviews I don't think I should be disappointed.  
  10. iamthem
     Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado,  Grado
    Sorry, did I forget to mention Grado?
    No really, Grado's are rock specialists. They shine when it comes to rock. I recommend the SR80i.
    There's also the CAL which is pretty nice - and already mentioned. It doesn't have the gritty elevated treble that makes Grado's nice for rock, but their somewhat V-shaped with plentiful treble and bass to satisfy rock. Needs a bit more treble extension, but not too bad.
    But really, Grado's are good. I've borrowed the SR80i for quite awhile.
  11. delusionist

    Err, sorry I made a mistake
    I meant the safer bet was the CAL

    I think the CAL has a nice amount of bass, I suspect if you bought the ZX700 you would have found it to have little or no bass
  12. EndoftheDream
    @iamthem, thanks I am looking into it - the only thing about some Grado's is that I hear people saying something about some of them not being "portable" - do they mean that they are not the best for travelling, do they need an amp? I take public transit often enough and would be using these on there as well as in cars and such. I'm not worried about leakage because I am sure the sony's were not great with preventing leakage and there was no problem with them even in quieter settings when others tried them out at louder volumes, of course when they were not on someone's head they would leak a lot more.
    @delusionist - that's what I thought haha. I think I feel stonrgly inclined towards the CAL, something is just hitting me right about them. 
    I am going to look further into the grado though, I do find them a bit bulky looking though. Jeez...I could look forever at 1000s of these things...I really have to decide ha.
    Thanks all again btw.  
    Edit: One thing I am worried about with the CAL is that they do not fold and I don't want them to get crushed in my bag if I put them in there.
  13. delusionist

    by the way, the CAL leaks a good bit, but not as much as the Grado
  14. EndoftheDream
    What do people mean when they say the sound leaks like crazy (as I have been hearing about Grados)? Are people going overboard or do these things friggin play music from the outside? I mean my sony mdr7's leaked if it was loud enough, and earbuds leak too, as a comparison do Grado's leak more then these? I am using these on public transit and such so I don't want the whole bus to hear my music.
  15. JamesMcProgger
    basically that the person next to you is able to hear your music. usually leak is related with isolation, Grados are like inverted speakers, I wouldnt use them on public transportation.

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