Optimal Art DI/O settings
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Nov 2, 2001
I'm using my new Art DI/O with my Audiophile 2496 and was wondering what settings I use, both on the DI/O and 2496. Generally, I play audio CDs (digitally extracted of course) though my computer, and can use the 44.1, 88.2, and ext. sync options with the DI/O. Which of these is best suited?

Also, what format should the 2496's digital output be set to? Consumer or Professional? How about the advanced options in this section? Is there a difference in terms of sound quality btw the Monitor Mixer and WavOut settings?

I don't know if it's because these settings don't make much of a difference, or because of the fact that my amp's is somewhat defective (I'll repair it soon...), but I can't hear any drastic difference btw the different settings (esp. the sound card's, there is absolutely no difference to my ears).
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Jan 1, 2002
The ART should sound best with normal CDs on its 88.2 setting. The ART isn't very complex and doubles whatever the sampling rate is rather than upsampling it the way other devices do. If you have a 24/96 source or a 16/48, then likewise use the 96 setting. You should know almost instantly when you're on the wrong one since it sounds horrible.

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