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Oppo Sonic DAC with Ric Schultz EVS mods

Trader History (7)
  1. uncola
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Hi this is the oppo sonica dac with ess 9038 pro dac chip with ric schultz evs super singled ended mod. He replaces capacitors, clock, voltage regulators, analog output stage, internal wiring, adds transformer damping and more. Routes everything to rca outs, so no xlr out. Can also do upnp streaming, bluetooth, airplay etc. Secure yours now since oppo is no longer making audio products!

    Price $1100 including paypal fee, $20 shipping with signature to USA, please no international shipping. Serious buyers only.
    Here's info on the mods done to it http://tweakaudio.com/EVS-2/Oppo_Sonica_DAC_mods.html

    I will ship in the original oppo box and packing material, condition is 9/10 or better

  2. uncola
  3. uncola
  4. uncola
    still available, not interested in trades. ESS is moving from desktop dacs to mobile dac chips the 9038pro could be the pinnacle for a while. get it while it's hot
  5. uncola
  6. uncola
    bump still available
  7. uncola
    bump, price drop to $1000 + $20 shipping no paypal fee
  8. uncola
    bump, available. custom ric schultz analog output stage, voltage regulation, clocks, replaced hookup wires, internal damping etc

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