oppo pm3 replacement cable
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Oct 21, 2013
hi, i live in the Uk and want to source a replacement cable as the oppo ones supplied are either too short or too long - the only ones i can find that are reasonably priced are the dyson (USA - which would cost too much in duty etc.) or some chinese ones (ebay) which are very cheap.
Anyone have knowledge of a cable that is reasonably priced (compared the headphone) and available in the Uk or EU or is excellent and cheap and comes under the customs limit which i believe is £18.
If anyone fancies making me one that would be good too - i have a fiio rc-mh1 fopr my nad hp50 but the headphone connector is too wide to fit - it needs a slim connector.
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I'm looking for exactly same thing myself. So that's two of us in the UK wanting same thing (not quite enough for Massdrop yet then
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I'm too interested into some reasonable priced cable replacement, found just this cheap silver plated cable recommended in the Australian tour thread:
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I use a fisual s flex mini 3.5mm cable for both my Oppo PM3 and NAD Viso HP50. These are available from Amazon UK. I consider it an upgrade for the NAD (from those supplied) and about the same for the Oppo. They can be bought in varying lengths including extension cables (again I personally hear no SQ reduction with the extension.) Here is the link:-
Of course with Amazon if it's not up to the job you can send them back within 30 days.
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Just to close the loop Furutech is fine, silver plated shielded cable I serie.Provided With double step jack which allow the passage within the reduced socket of oppo. Under sonic quality point of view it was exactly the improvement I was looking fo bexousr with short stock cable it sounding too metallic in middle upper frequencies
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I am also looking for a upgrade/replacement cable for the PM-3. The tricky part is the connector at the headphone end I think, where most standard 3.5mm plugs just won't fit (not sure what Oppo was thinking while designing this detail).
I was looking for the Vertere Pulse D-Fi cable. I use their Pulse-X mini loudspeaker cables, which are very musical and sound lively. Precisely the sort of traits the PM-3 could benefit from I believe. But looking at their plugs, no way they will fit I'm afraid. 
So I would like to hear alternatives with similar traits. Or, is there a way the Vertere could made work?

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