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Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

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  1. Slim1970
    They are in two different categories. The PM3 was designed to be a portable closed back headphone. It's still my favorite portable can to date. The bass is full, the midrange is lush with plenty of body, and the treble is just enough. I prefer a little bit more sparkle up top but being tuned this way lets you turn up the music without any hint of sibilance. The HD650 are open back reference headphones that are meant to be used at home. They are very warm sounding to my ears with a gorgeous midrange. They are rolled off at both ends of the spectrum t but scale well with better sources. Depending on what sound preference you're seeking you can own both and use them for their intended purposes.
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  2. JM1979
    So this is probably old news to most PM-3 owners but I’m shocked by the sound quality improvement that occurs from an after market cable.

    I got a black dragon (silver plated copper) and it makes the PM-3 a totally new headphone and I loved the stock cable sound. With the black dragon the highs are clearer, the bass Is massive, the staging is more precise and it’s a very full sound. They punch way above their weight class with different cables.
  3. doboo57
    Anyone could give me a good recommendation for a 2.5mm balanced cable for my PM-3? I'm planning to use it with ES100 BT receiver. I don't want to spend too much though (< 100 $ if possible).

    I saw this quite cheap one on eBay, but I'm not sure if I should trust it : https://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/2-5mm-...=item4427bc3f22:g:vLEAAOSwKqlbmRQC:rk:11:pf:0

    Anyone heard about OIDIO Pellucid Series Cables?

    Thanks for your advice.
  4. ropie
    Anyone heard about OIDIO Pellucid Series Cables?

    Thanks for your advice.[/QUOTE]

    In my experience Oidio does good work: clear communication, good quality, quick service and fair price
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  5. Koei
    I am super sad. The earpads on my PM3 are falling apart. Its hard to get replacements but when I looked into it a while ago I found some real leather ones. Has anyone replaced the earpads? How hard is it?

    But even worse, the headband is also showing clear signs of wear. How the hell can I fix that? This is probably the last time I buy a something not from Sennheiser or BeyerDynamic.
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Well, not sure if this applies, but if you wear it quite a bit, and when you are out and on the go likely perspiration is occurring (even if it isn't very obvious). If that is the case synthetic leathers are quite susceptible to the effects so expecting them to last many years in some situations could be unreasonable. Have you had another portable headphone that you wore as often that the materials lasted longer? If so, are the materials the same?
  7. Koei
    I've worn my HD25's more and those pleather pads and headband lasted longer (I've only needed to replace the pads). Also far easier to get parts for Sennheiser :). But looking at how the Oppo is constructed it is clear its not made to last very long.
  8. megabigeye
    I believe that Oppo still has replacement earpads they'll sell you and can replace the headband. Earpads cost $39 and headband replacement is $99, if I'm not mistaken. You can e-mail them directly from their website.

    People (myself included) have also replaced the original earpads with Brainwavz pads. To take off the original earpads, slide something thin– like a credit card– between the pad and headphone cup to pry them apart. The pads are on a retainer ring that's held to the headphone with four clips. Once there's enough space, you can use your fingers to further pry it apart and carefully undo each clip.
    Some people glue the new pad to the retainer ring (which requires destroying the old pad), but you can also forgo the ring and just put the new pads directly on the headphone.

    I don't think there's a perfect way to replace the headband, but other users have found zip-on pads that they put over the old pad. If you go back a few pages in this thread, you'll find myself and at least one other person discussing replacement bands.

    I agree with you, Beyerdynamic's and Sennheiser's modular, user-fixable designs are awesome. I always found it mildly irritating that people would talk about how durable the PM-3 (or other headphones) are without having any real evidence.

    Anyway, good luck! I hope this helps!
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  9. Koei
    I'm from Europe, EU support is non-existent. Looks like I will be looking into Brainwavz pads, thanks.

    The comparison with the HD25's is a bit unfair, those are the most durable and easily fixable headphones I've ever had. I've had completely abused them in rain, snow, thunderstorms, pulling the cable, you name it. But now there is a small issue where the contact of the cable isn't very good anymore. It lasted me 10-15 years with heavy use and complete abuse. I might just buy them again to be honest.
  10. SteveOliver
    @Koei there are some "compatible" pads available on ebay (shipped from China) Search for "oppo pm3 pads" they are £7.99 on ebay UK.
  11. Bambule
    I also am very disappointed with the durability of my pm3. My hd590 lasted 15 years.
    The headband of my pm3 looks so destroyed after few years I can't believe. I no longer wear the headphone because I feel Everytime some synthetic leather stuff stays in my hair. Pm3 is my first headphone after 15 years and the most expensive for me. Oppo replaced once my pads so there fine as of now. But the headband, really bad. 100 bucks for headband replacement not for me. I will try to do something on my own,
    I don't think I will stick to Sennheiser or Beyer, but for sure from now on only real leather. No synthetic
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Absolutely, people need to research the materials and be aware of the limitations. The faux leather keeps the cost down (in theory) but it has trade offs, specifically being extra impacted by perspiration which requires people wipe the material down after use. Not many people do that and certainly not consistently. I am not a typical user in the sense that I never spend hours a day with a headphone on, never, so I guess to be fair I don't put mine through the ringer. For my lighter use, my PM3 didn't look a day older when I sold it, but I acknowledge that compared to what people are saying in this thread, I used my PM3 much less. Sad to hear that for some the durability was not up to their expectations, that would be a bummer.
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  13. Koei
    The issue is after market parts and maintenance. I don't mind faux leather, I do mind not getting replacement parts easily.
  14. megabigeye
    I don't think the comparison with the HD-25 is unfair. In fact, I think manufacturers should be using their durability and modular design as the gold standard rather than as outliers. Instead manufacturers focus on making their products look and feel durable, since that's what's most easily noticed by users and it's probably a lot cheaper than actually making them durable.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
  15. Charlie Norwood
    could you explain the destroying old pad and gluing part a little more? Are the stock pads glued onto the retainer ring? So to use the retainer ring with new pads you need to cut off the old ones? Was that easy/clean? I’d like some sheepskin pads but I want them to look natural/stock. I’ve seen the photos of just wrapping the pad around the entire ear cup and I think it looks pretty ugly.
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