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Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

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  1. megabigeye
    To those that have swapped the angled Brainwavz pads, the correct ones are the oval ones, right? My original pads are finally starting to give out.
    Also, now that some of you have been using the Brainwavz for a year-ish, how are they holding up? Considering for me it's the foam that's starting to go on my original pads, I'm wondering if the sheepskin is worth the extra dosh?
  2. Bambule
    Also interested in opinions on the third party pads. Even though the pads look ok as of now, when I look at the headband, I'm leaning towards real leather
  3. megabigeye
    I believe @zensanjay found a leather headband. Might try asking him / looking at his posts a few pages back.
  4. Bambule
    I thought I will try to DIY with Brooks Leather bar tape.
  5. zensanjay
    The angled sheepskin pad is oval. I have been using it for only a few months and can not tell about durability. I like the sound much better - sounds are deeper, more detailed, more bass with ipod classic 5th gen video 60gb model . My original headband got damaged after coming in contact with mintop hair product- the hot humid weather could have also contributed. I bought the sheepskin pad as a precautionary measure and am happy with the purchase - I like the sound much better now.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
  6. zensanjay
    Comfort wise and fit - it seems slightly longer and fit is ok. I can wear it for an hour and longer - at work or at home.
  7. zensanjay
    The headband that I got is not leather. Its the
    Headphone protector headband fabric for Audio technica M30 M40 M50 M50X M50S M40X headphone by defean.

    The fit of the headband is ok. It's slightly longer by 2 mm at most . Comfort - not as comfortable as the original headband . However, its not uncomfortable and I can get by with it and am able listen for an hour. I use it indoors : at home or at work. The headphones fits inside the case with the cover and the brainwavz ear pads.
  8. Bambule
    Those who glued the brainwavz pads to the original ring: any recommendations about this process? Was it difficult? What kind of glue?
  9. chimney189
    What’s up everyone!
    I just received the Oppo PM-3.
    I’m enjoying it so far. I think the bass is more than sufficient and the soundstage is more than enough for me.

    Only negatives so far is that listening to piano can easily get harsh at louder volumes, as well as violins (though less so).

    Does anyone recommend an upgrade cable that can remove some of this harshness/stridency?
  10. SteveOliver
    I don't think a new cable will help with that. A cable may have a subtle effect on the sound balance, but if the PM3 is harsh to your ears in any particular frequency a different source or adding some EQ will be more likely to help you.
    megabigeye likes this.
  11. JM1979
    Are your PM-3s brand new? If so, I remember mine having a burn in period that once that was over, the harshness went away.
  12. megabigeye
    I agree with @SteveOliver that a different amp is more likely to make a difference. E.G., sometimes (kinda depends on my mood) they're a little shouty for me straight from my DFR, but DFR >> Bottlehead = Sonic magic.

    Also, you said it gets shouty at higher volumes-- did you try simply turning them down? I've found the PM-3 are a lot better at low volume than any of my other 'phones.
  13. chimney189
    I bought these from a fellow head-fi member. Maybe some brain burn-in is needed. :p
  14. megabigeye
    Just got and installed the PU leather Brainwavz angled pads. So far, more or less pleased with them.

    First impressions:
    • They're huge. I knew they were going to be larger than the original pads, but you really can't tell how big they are in pictures. They're big enough that I might not want to take these out in public anymore (eh, not that I really was taking the PM-3 out in the first place. Also know that I have a very big, strangely shaped head and a lot of headphones look funny on me, so YMMV and whatever).
    • They're not uncomfortable, but not really more comfortable than the original pads. They seem to trade one type of comfort for another: the older ones were smaller, but the foam was softer; comfortable at first, less comfortable for long periods. Brainwavz are bigger, but stiffer foam, so now the pressure is on my jaw below and in front of my ears, rather than directly on my ears; not as comfortable at first, but don't hurt after more than an hour like the original pads did. They don't seem to disappear quite as much as my HD 650 or DT 1990. Maybe they just need some breaking in.
    • I'm not hearing more bass, as others claim, but not a loss either. Not a bad thing, in my book. This is furthering my theory that people that don't feel like the PM-3 has enough bass simply aren't getting a good seal. The Brainwavz pads might help those people.
    • No losses or gains in mids.
    • Treble... Maybe just a skosh more present? Maybe? Maybe I'm just imagining it? Probably.
    • No loss or gain in detail.
    • Soundstage is larger, but mostly it just sounds like the drivers are further from my ears... Which they are. It doesn't sound particularly realistic to me, but maybe I'm just used to the intimate soundstage of the HD 650 and DT 1990.
    • Imaging seems neither better nor worse than before.
    So, net it's more or less a draw, with the exception of them now being goofily large. Maybe things will change as they break in and (hopefully) soften up a bit.
  15. Focux
    PM3 better than 650 or it's an entirely different take on sound..
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