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Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

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  1. JamesCanada
    hey guy's, could I get any good suggestions on balanced cables?
  2. EricDH
    I use the Moon Audio Silver single ended with the PM-3 and love the combination. Would think the same cable balanced would be even better.
  3. PopZeus
  4. MontMozart
    I recently purchased the PM-3s and so far I am very satisfied with them. They are pairing nicely with my recently purchased Shanling m3s and my Onkyo DP-X1. One question I have though, has anyone found a case slightly larger than the denim case that comes with the PM-3s? I like the denim case, the headphones fit in there nicely and snugly, but I am concerned with plugging in and removing the cable everytime I have want to use them. Also, it would be nice to not have to adjust the size of the headphones every time also (they have to be in their smallest configuration to fit in the case). Pretty nitpicky, but just wondered if anyone found a different carrying case.

  5. dskelto
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
  6. JamesCanada
    Thanks for the response!
    I am currently using an Oppo HA-2SE and I have a PS Sprout 2 on the way
  7. ryno1507
    Hey guys,

    I'm going to go with a Forza Audioworks Noir HPC Mk2 cable. Should I choose the "Astell&Kern/Onkyo DP-X1 balanced 2,5mm TRRS" if I'm wanting it plug into a Cayin N5ii 2.5mm output to my Oppo PM-3's? Thanks!
  8. kendosperling
    Yes, you should :)
  9. Rdwng1975
    What is your opinion on the state of my pads?

    Last edited: Jan 24, 2018
  10. wilsonlaidlaw
    I just bought a pair of lightly used PM3's and the Oppo HA2-SE DAC/Amplifier. They had not been used for some time and not a lot in total. When I first tried the PM3's with the HA2-SE this morning. I was not blown away, feeling they sounded a bit thin and tight. I though they did even sound as good as the AKG 495 Noise Cancelling headphones, I use active for long flights. I was comparing them with the PM3 phones, with the AKG phones, used in passive mode. I then connected the PM3 phones to the headohone output on an Audiolabs M-DAC I have in my UK bedroom and left it playing BBC R3 (classical) at a fair volume for the whole day. They have improved a lot over just 12 hours use and are now noticeably better than the AKG phones. I am not sure how Oppo suspend the diaphragm but I guess it must be a rubber/flexible material which stiffens if not used and this frees off after a number of hours use. Hopefully they should improve further with some more hours use. I suppose I should do the same with the HA-2SE but this means charging it up every day, which with the current charger (Anker) I am using, takes a long time. The original owner had lost the VOOC fast charger and the replacement I have ordered from Oppo UK, will not arrive until later this week.

    I just read a thread on Reddit, which claims that audio equipment does not need breaking in. Not been my experience, especially with phones and speakers. The Danish Infinity Kappa 200 stand mount speakers I have in my bedroom in France, bought new 12 years ago, took over 200 hours to break in and when I get back there after 6 months away, need a few days use, before they sound right again. The ATC SCM-40 Mk.2 speakers, I have on my main system in France, took over 100 hours before they were worth listening to.

    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
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  11. SteveOliver
    @wilsonlaidlaw Your observations are similar to mine. Like a lot of amplifiers the sound from the Oppo amp does change/improve as it gets to operating temperature. I didn't worry too much about burn-in with the PM-3, I just listened to it, I seem to remember there is something in the manual mentioning to just listen during burn-in. I didn't really notice a change in sound but I bet if I compared it to a new one it would sound different.

    I charge my 2se with a 2.4A charger and find it charges quite quickly. It came with 2 of the VOOC chargers a euro-plug and UK plug version and they are very fast, perhaps too fast, my thinking is a slower charge will give more charge cycles but that may well be an incorrect assumption on my part.

    Try the bass boost on the amp too, I'm a believer of not adding any EQ or "loudness" style adjustments to the sound, but after switching it on and thinking "I don't like this" then turning it off I tried it again and stuck with it and I now quite like it with all the headphones and IEM's I've tried it with.
  12. JamesCanada
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    No case suggestion just a comment. I had the PM3 and DP-X1 combination with a balanced cable and I also loved that rig. The balanced for me was only because I needed more power mind you, not for any perceived benefit to sound quality. Cheers.
  14. Sonic Defender Contributor
    You do realize that your experience is just as plausibly explained by your brain acclimating to the speakers as any mechanical changes occurring. In fact, I would suggest that any minute mechanical changes that occurred that also made an audible impact on sound would be design or material flaws. Tiny changes that make an audible difference, which would be considered a big deal from an engineering standpoint, would not be desirable. I loved my time in France recently, beautiful country. I landed in Marseilles (my avatar image is of me sitting by the sea in Marseilles) then went on to Aix en Provence then onto Hyres and a few other spots. Just a beautiful country and I very much hope to return and spend some time in Annecy. My girlfriend had moved to France for a year to learn French so I stayed with her for a time in the spring. Cheers.
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    They look fine, do you still get a good tight seal? That is the most important thing, as well as the pads being fairly equal in terms of size and fit.
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