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Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

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  1. JamesAnthony
    Have you tried removing any of the damping?
  2. FastAndClean
    no, i like them stock
  3. JamesAnthony
    Has anyone tried?
  4. FastAndClean
    "The Oppos’ total harmonic distortion (THD) is practically nonexistent. This is one of the lowest distortion figures I have measured in a set of headphones."
    source - http://soundstagenetwork.com
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  5. Paul Oorbeek
    I have bought an secondhand Ifi Nano IDSD to connect to my LG-V20. I am very curious how big the improvement in sound is? Next to that i perhaps order the Audio Opus 11 via Massdrop to compare and use for portable and the Ifi for at home.
  6. KopaneDePooj
    You already have a very potent device in the LG-V20, both in DAC and AMP section. Why would you want to add bulk with another DAC/AMP?
  7. Paul Oorbeek
    I think it is because it is my first Audiophile headphone and i want to find out what the potential is of my LG compared to other devices.
  8. Shane D
    A post for people who have tried PM3'S and Audeze Sines. I love the PM3'S, but can't find a great deal in Canada. I spoke to a dealer across the country who is offering me a great deal on a pair of Sines. They would be $86.00 cheaper than my best deal on some PM3'S.
    I like rock music and my favourite instrument is the voice. Think Florence and the Machine, Kings of Leon, Garbage, Incubus and some Classic rock. 2 years ago I discovered jazz horns. Think Miles Davis, Trombone Shorty, John Coltrane, etc.

    Would I be happier with vocals/horns on the Sine or the Oppo? I don't do hip hop or classical.

    Thanks for any input!

    Shane D
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017
  9. PDC3
    I own the PM3 and tried the open back Sine DX. Love my PM3. Most audiophile folk go for the PM3 sound even tho it pulls back on the treble bite in trumpets a bit. So on the mellower side but not as dull as the NAD HP50. "Dull" exaggerates to make my point. While the Sine DX seemed to fit descriptions and specs I'd seen for the Sine, which is a more forward treble, hence plenty of bite in the brass and would certainly bring out a sense of clarity in lyrics because the consonants would click and ting clearly on female vocals.

    While different in upper sound signature both slam pretty hard on the bass when called for. Ray Brown on bass all day long, my friend.

    Now in isolation and in comfort, easy choice of the PM3. Cups ease around the ear while the Sine is built to press on them. The Sine will require you to be patient as you find just the right way to wear them for your head, and you may well stretch on the headband to get your own best fit. However, Sine smaller earcups make Sine more easily portable.

    Hopefully my description will let you pick the one suited to you better. Both good choices. For me, I lean to the PM3.
  10. FastAndClean
    Sine is very uncomfortable, and they are not so durable like the pm3, pm3 sound more natural and pleasant
  11. phthora
    I have the Sine and the PM3 and I basically agree with PDC3 above. I will add that the PM3 has a resonance around 1-2k, which I find can make vocals and horns harsh and peaky. I prefer the Sine for those specific elements. But, the bass on the PM3, I think, is better overall with deeper extension, more texture, and more presence. The Sine is no slouch in this area, but it's difficult to get the fit just right to let the bass live up to its potential. The treble of the Sine, while not super smooth, is nicely detailed and much more present than on the PM3. The PM3 sounds warmish to me after EQing to lessen the resonance and with the less enthusiastic treble, while the Sine sounds more mid-forward and less extended on the low end.

    The fit on the Sine is an acquired taste, but I find it helps if you put them on and then never f*%$&@ touch them for any reason ever. As soon as you try to make an adjustment, they never sit right again and you might as well switch to something else. Or, at least, that has been my experience. If you leave them be, they almost disappear on the head after a while.
  12. Shane D
    Thanks for all the replies folks. I am going to pass on the Sines for two reasons: I can't hear them first and they require too much power to be portable.

    I guess PM3 is the answer but I am still exploring other choices.
    Sucks to live in a smallish town without a lot of choices to visit for a listen. Of course the way retail is going most shops will likely be gone in 5, 10, or 15 years.

    Shane D
  13. PDC3
    Shane D since you've mentioned a love of jazz brass, check out Ron Carter's Great Big Band. Excellent recording with many different instrument combos in the arrangements. So once you know the tracks a bit, they're useful tests of headphone sonic signatures. And Carter himself is a bassist so that end is impressively covered as well. Happy listening!
  14. Shane D
    Thank you. I will try to check that out.

    Shane D
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  15. Paul Oorbeek
    @Shane D thanks i will check it out also. Allways open for new music.
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