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Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

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  1. zilch0md
    No one takes me seriously, but I actually like the sound of the HD800 driven by the OPPO HA-2, as it's underpowered for the 300-Ohm load, but that takes some of the speed out of the HD800, making it less harsh in the treble - a common complaint of HD800 users. I also like the sound of the HA-2 with the OPPO PM-1.
  2. Shane D
    Thank you!

    Shane D
  3. tgh5000
    Hi! I was hoping some of you could tell me how well they perform with classical music. Also, does the treble improve with an amp? Thanks.
  4. HuoYuanJia
    You might want to consider an equalizer for Classical. The PM3 are a bit soft in the transition from midrange to treble and they could do well with some added extension. Also, their pronounced midrange narrows down the soundstage.
    You might be better off saving up to get the Æon. These have exceptional treble with extremely high transparency in the high frequencies.
    I have both side by side right now.

    However, If you can live with using an EQ, the PM3 can open up quite a bit.

    This also answers the next question: You might want to consider to use a DAC/headamp combo to create headroom for the equalizer. If you are fine with the default signature, you can save the money for an amp. The PM3 sound pretty good straight from an iPhone 6S.
  5. Paul Oorbeek
    Someone using the PM3 with an LG V20 smartphone and what is there experience?

    Just bought the Oppo hope to have it next week.
  6. EricDH
    I don't have that specific experience Paul. But I started with the PM-3 and an iPhone. What I can tell you, is that any phone will serve the PM-3 short.

    By all means, start with this combo and enjoy. But after a while, consider to buy an Audioquest Dragonfly. Hi-Fi Klubben in Amsterdam (and other shops as well) sells this little miracle (DAC and headphone amp in a USB stick size device). Try it out in the shop and hear the difference.
  7. sabloke
    I own both, fantastic pairing! Just make sure you plug the cable in to the phone first and then into the headphone to trigger high impedance mode.
  8. Paul Oorbeek
    Today the Oppo arrived. I try the trick but it does not give me the "high" output only " ext device".

    Which cable do you use?

    It is already sounding much better then my AKG K490NC headphone.
  9. tgh5000
    It might be a little strange question to ask. Could any of you listen to Jonny Greenwood's "The Master" and leave impressions? Without having an opportunity to listen to the headphones, your impressions are all that can guide me. If the PM-3 can reproduce this album, and My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" perfectly, I will have no reason to care if the PM-3's treble is not so sparkly.

    Additional question, how are the PM-3's with piano music? Thank you.
  10. EricDH
    Just listened to The Master and There Will Be Blood. I didn't miss the highs more or less than with other music. Yes, the highs are not as extended and sparkly as I would wish, but I still really love the PM-3's.

    As an aside, what a wonderful music from Jonny Greenwood!
  11. tgh5000

    Thank you a lot for trying that piece of music for me.

    And on the side note, I KNOW. This morning I woke up after a nice sleep. I started playing "The Master" on my iPad. Just within 3 seconds it captured all my attention. I spent an extra half an hour staying in bed because the music didn't allow me to move. I was listening to all the nuances and layers. I felt like I need to feel every single millisecond of this music. Then I decided to post on this thread.

    BTW, do you use an amp with the PM-3? Does amp help the sound?
  12. EricDH
    Yes, I use the Audioquest Dragonfly Red. And in this case it is as much the DAC as the amp that boosts the sound quality I think (probably more the DAC than the amp). With the Dragonfly the sound is MUCH better than directly from my iPhone.

    I have just ordered a Schiit Jotunheim DAC/amp. Let's see how that works with my PM-3. That will then be the home DAC/amp, whilst the Dragonfly will be the one for on the move (I travel quite a lot).
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
  13. x_lk
    Bought this cable following the above post. Thanks to @peterinvan for the information.
    Amp used is SMSL SAP-9 - it has the 4-pin XLR output. Quite happy about the combination. Although thicker and less flexible than the stock OPPO single ended cable, the build feels just as solid. Dyson also offers 2 'nicer' versions with better cabling and nylon sleeve protection, but the price is more than doubled. I did not want to pay the premium...
  14. Koolpep

    Haha, I know how that feels. Yes a good amp helps the PM-3. Last year we had a nice meet-up here in Dubai and I had my PM-3 fed through the Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon balanced - it's a glorious combo.

    So yes - a good quality amp can help improve the sound-quality even more with the PM-3 - for me the sound becomes a bit fuller, I get a bit more extension in both the high- and the low-end. However it does sound great from a lot of mobile devices without the help from an amp.

    Paul Oorbeek likes this.
  15. EricDH
    Soon I will feed my PM-3 through a Schiit Jotunheim. I will report any differences with the Dragonfly Red I currently use (and will keep using as my travel DAC/amp).
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