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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. Skarecrow77
    Unit #2 (was #4) should ship out tomorrow. sorry for the delay.
  2. CoffeeDog
    ...eagerly anticipating its arrival!  Thanks Skarecrow!
  3. akira281
    Unit #3 received today. Looking forward to the next week.
  4. Skarecrow77
    So, during my time with the Oppos I compared them to my stable of headphones, HD-650, DT-880, HP50, M4U1. All things considered, they're probably the best of the bunch, and I ended up selling a pair of Nad HP50s (wife and I each had a pair, so one can go) to partially fund the purchase of a set of PM-3s.
    Now, that said, each of those cans does something better than the PM-3s, but none of them do everything as well as the PM-3s, and none of them can match the PM-3 in two categories, naturalness and texture (which are kinda two sides of the same coin). With the PM-3s, everything sounds... right. I can't come up with a better description. Every instrument sounds believable. There are no awkward emphasized/recessed instruments. There is no cacophony wall of sound. Every instrument sounds like an instrument, not a reproduction of one. I never realized just what my bass was missing until I realized with the PM-3 that drums sound like drums. bass guitar sounds like bass guitar. electronica and hip-hop bass sounds like produced and engineered sound as opposed to a boomy mess.
    They're not perfect, they're not endgame, but they're worth the purchase, easily. In my growing group of cans, the PM-3s are the Bard of the group. The red mage. The jack of all trades that does everything at a "B+" level and several unique things at an "A" level.
    I must say though, now I really wonder what open planars sound like. HE-400i are tempting. Too bad there's no loaner program for those.
  5. innocentblood
    I live in Singapore and unfortunately the local distributor here isn't interested in replacing the ear pads for my PM-3 even though I'm willing to pay for the service. I really love my PM-3s which I've been using since May 2015 but the quality of the ear pads are pretty poor as they tend to wear off even though I keep my cans stored in the denim case that comes with the PM-3s.
    I hope that when Oppo introduces the next version of the PM-3s, they would make it easier for the end-user to replace the pads by themselves. and please introduce the wonderful lambskin ear pads that I'm currently enjoying on my PM-1. these are really wonderful :)
    meanwhile, is there anywhere I can send my PM-3s to have the ear pads replaced for a reasonable price please? any info would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. audiophilehe400
    I am interested in the program, I accept the terms and conditions. Live in the us.
  7. chrisalbrecht
    Hey veda,
    Just wondering if you have received and/or shipped out the PM3's yet? The guy before you said he shipped them out on Aug 16, so it's now been a month. Just looking for an update.
  8. CoffeeDog
    I received the loaner today, have them on my ears right now, and wow!  Very impressive.  This will be an enjoyable week...
  9. CoffeeDog
    ... And, they're off, to tmac I guess.  You're going to like these!  Sorry it's been a little longer than a week, but I didn't get the next address until Tuesday and couldn't get them out the next day (today is Thursday). 
    I'll post a review within a week, but for now suffice it to say that these little cans are wonderful!  Thanks to Oppo for the opportunity to give these a good listening to; it was well worth it.
  10. guliver
    Just got unit #3  today I am listening to them, and like most of us here I like what I am earing.
  11. tmac6767
    Thanks CoffeeDog. I was away this weekend, pleasantly surprise to find the headphones waiting for me. It is a really busy week for me and will audition these over the weekend. My initial thought is it meet my lofty expectations - played my current favorite song - Kings of summer, really impressed by the sound stage (for the closed headphone) and the mids. Looking forward to spending an afternoon this weekend auditioning the headphones.
  12. diphaloraptor
    I was interested in the loaner program since I am researching some planar headphones currently (Hifiman and Oppo).
  13. dcr33313

    Hey, I was wondering if you sent the headphones out yet? I'm anxiously waiting to give them a good listen.
  14. tmac6767
    Everything is packed and will drop it off at UPS on Monday. You are in for a treat, the fit and quality of the headphone, how comfortable it is, and the sound, it is all top notched. It is a relatively expensive headphone (for me). Since I was able to experience the headphones first hand, thanks to this program, I decided to purchase one.
  15. dcr33313
    Thanks Terry, just got them from UPS. I can already tell the fit and finish is top notch and that the ear pads are amazingly plush. Excited to try them out tonight.
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