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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. HonkyTonk
    I received unit #3 this evening. First impressions: Classy, well-made.
  2. MarcusTheGreat7
    PM'd Jiffy about a month ago and he's got my address, but I'm still not on any list.  Did I miss a step?
  3. Skarecrow77
    I've PM'd him twice in the last week and haven't heard back. He also hasn't updated the main post in 12 days. I'm guessing he's missing in action.
  4. MarcusTheGreat7
    OP was just updated, looks like he's back
  5. RayCzar
    Canada Unit 2 has left my care and is off to the next person. 
    Thanks again for this loaner program! 
  6. maddog2020
    Received unit #3 yesterday (thanks HonkyTonk) , but haven't had a chance to sit down a listen to them yet. But I have taken them out the box, and I must say they look stunning in person. Everything seems very well crafted and detailed. The headband & ear-cups are plush and very comfortable. The ear-cups even fit over my (large) ears with no issues. I even like the fact that they come in a denim case (not the standard black headphone case). I must say so far I'm impressed. Now I have to just find the time to sit still and really listen to them. 
  7. MarcusTheGreat7
    Unit #1 made it in last night.  I've had about 24 hours to listen to them, and all I can say is that these are incredible.  My main cans are Phillips Fidelio X2's, and these are just so much cleaner and detailed it's crazy.  Vocals specifically blow me away.  Complex songs like Daft Punk's "Touch" are handled beautifully.  I'll probably pick up a pair of these in the near future.  This is an awesome program, thank you to all who made it happen!
  8. dcr33313
    Hi all,

    First time posting here, but I'd really be interested in giving these a try and comparing them to my B&W P7's and seeing how they work with the Meridian Explorer2. I agree to the terms of the program.

  9. tmac6767
    I will love to audition the PM-3s. It is difficult to find these at my town (in Illinois) and I am ready to purchase one if these are as good as they say. Oh by the way,  agreed with terms and conditions.

    Thanks :)
  10. gardibolt
    Interesting, my experience was completely the opposite: I compared my AKG K550 as an A/B with the Oppo PM-3 loaner and the Oppo had a much bigger soundstage no matter what I threw at it.  The AKGs were by comparison tight and at times almost claustrophobic. My review using classical music with the A/B (and also comparing to Sony 7506 as a C) is posted elsewhere on the site. 
    I now have a PM-3 on order.
  11. Skarecrow77
    Unit #4 showed up today. Mostly going to be comparing them to my existing closed cans, since that's my frame of reference.
    First impression? Wow this is comfortable. The earcups are slightly smaller than my NAD HP50s, But dont' feel that way, and the cans spread their weight well on the head. I do get a bit of the pleather/leather "are your ears sweaty, or do they just feel that way?" after a while, but that's it. I could wear these for hours.
    They are quite stylish, and very well made. Better made than any pair I own, including my Senn 650s.
    My iphone 6 will power it just fine. It's loud enough at 2/3 volume... but it's just not as good as my PSB M4U1 out of the same iphone. it's significantly worse than the PSBs out of my work laptop. Sure these will work out of an unamped source, but the're not my first choice by a longshot... not for sound quality anyway. Style/comfort I might go for it, but wearing $400 headphones around in public just feels weird to me. 
    Putting them on a real DAC and amp though, what a change. Took it home and hooked it up to my Modi 2 and Vali 2. 
    The Bass doesn't hit as hard as either of the Barton twins (M4U1 and HP50), but it's textured significantly better, which is impressive because the Barton twins were already very good at that. In general the PM-3s seem to be finding instrument texture better than anything else I've got significant experience with.
    Midrange is a mixxed bag, comparatively speaking. it's very very good, but I must admit I'm used to the "roomfeel" of the HP50 and M4U1's midranges, however they can feel over-emphasized on certain tracks and even muddy if enough midrange is thrown their way. The PM-3s on the other hand are much more polite, and I'm pretty sure the sound is more "authentic" if that makes sense. I'm honestly not sure which I prefer.
    The Treble is actually very similar to the Barton-tuned phones. Rolled-off and inoffensive. I like it that way most of the time. I've got Alessandro MS-1s or beyer DT-880s if I just have to have crazy air guitar metal riffs. 
    Soundstage is a bit less than the M4U1. About on par with the NAD HP50s, maybe a smidge edge to the HP50s. Way less than the HD-650s of course, but they're open so that's to be expected.
    Certain songs sound quite different, in a good way mostly. I don't think it's the PM-3s are colored so much as they're mostly neutral and my reference point headphones are colored. Although since I've been listening to those roomfeel phones for years now, my brain is tuned to listen for that signature. I'm curious to see how I feel about the PM-3's signature after a week of listening to them. 
  12. akira281
    I would be interested in the loaner program and I agree to the stated T&C.  What is the wait time as-of today?
  13. tmac6767
    Reply's Jiffy Squid PM with the address. Still not on the list ... Did I miss something? I am ready to purchase one if the PM3s are as good as they say. Looking forward to auditioning it.
  14. CoffeeDog
    I'm looking forward to auditioning it too. I'm next on the list for #4!
  15. CoffeeDog
    Anyone know if something has happened to Unit 4 (now Unit 2)?  It seems to have disappeared. 
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