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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. kygamma
    Unit 4 arrived yesterday and first impression is great!  I will post a full review after the demo period..
  2. MarcusTheGreat7
    I usually stay on Reddit, but I made an account just to sign up for this extremely generous program!  I'm doing some auditioning over the internet for my first nice closed-back pair and, unfortunately, there are exactly zero stores to audition headphones within 100mi.
    I'm in the East US and agree to all terms and conditions.  Thanks!
  3. Ringneck
    I joined headfi for the sole purpose of trying out pm3 loaner program. Got #1 this week. So far so good. First impression is that it is definitely a portable ph size wise. It is well made but does not look luxury until you pay attention to the details. It is unbelievable easily driven for a planar. It has the typical planar sound characters with forward mid. Earpad is small but thick and soft, which makes it felt comfortable initially. But, the clamp force kicks in in a hour.
  4. RayCzar
    Received Canada Unit #2 from tompaz909. Should be interesting as I also have an Audeze Sine that will be driven by a Oppo HA-2.
  5. maxcooper
    I would like to participate in the loaner program. I agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Sharkhunter
    Thanks everyone. Unsubscribing for the pm3 thread and heading to pm1 thread. I have a pm3 on order after a brief listening with the pm3 loaner.
  7. reginalb
    Received the test unit on Thursday. Definitely enjoying them, they've got a nice sound, and are probably very comfortable for most people. Definitely very snug on my over-sized dome.
  8. istirsin
    I'm interested in the loaner program and agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. maddog2020
    What happened to PM3 unit #8?
  10. Skarecrow77
    I'm waiting on it to get shipped to me.
  11. maddog2020
    Yeah. I see where ZehTreyster received it, they nothing. I was just asking to see if anybody knew what happened to them or are we just SOL.  
  12. Skarecrow77
    I'm sure Jiffy Squid has a handle on it.
    I was actually supposed to receive unit #8 a few weeks ago, but I asked to be bumped to the back of the line (and I was), because I wouldn't be able to give it a fair trial at the time. At the time, I was the "end" of the line, so Jiffy just had ZehTreyster hold on to it a bit longer. 
    Now I'm ready and waiting on it. I have no reason to expect it won't be coming my way soon.
  13. maddog2020
    Sounds logical to me. Just impatiently waiting my turn (lol), but I'm sure it will come soon.  
  14. Freetrademan
    I couldn't wait 2-3 months, so I took the leap of faith and bought the PM-3. I currently have the Sennheiser HD600 and B&O H6 at home. 
    What people say is true. The Oppo PM-3 is a beautiful, well-made, high end headphone. What's also true - as many have noted - is that the high end is rolled off a bit. For me, that kinda spoils it. If the high end were as great as the rest, it would be perfect. 
    It does have a very balanced feel, a very full, rich sound. Definite quality. Of all my cans, it probably has the best, most realistic bass. The B&O H6 bass is stronger, but a bit exaggerated. Since the PM-3's highs are less prominent, your attention is drawn to the bass much more. Male vocals also are rendered very well, with just the right amount of bass and midrange. The soundstage isn't very wide open, but that's to be expected with closed cans. The earpads are very comfortable. Soft leather, just the right size and shape, no bigger than necessary. I wish the H6 had cups like this.
    Everyone has sound preferences, and I'm more of a treble-head than a bass-head. And after extended listening with the PM-3, it felt boring and dark. Then I would switch to the HD600 or the H6 and the music would come alive much more. That's just my preference. The PM-3 probably IS worth $400, but I'm not sure if it's worth MY $400. For that much money, I want to LOVE it, not just admire it. 
    istirsin likes this.
  15. CoffeeDog
    I too would like to participate in the loaner program.  What a great idea!  I accept the terms and conditions of the offer.  I'm looking for a nice set of closed cans, and having just tried my daughter's B&W P7 set (they sound pretty good) am eagerly looking forward to trying the Oppos.  Thanks for the opportunity.
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