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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. NickyaKillah
    I am HYPED! Unit 4 is being shipped to me!
  2. NickyaKillah
    I have received the PM-3s this evening. Special Thanks to Jiffy Squad and Oppo, as well as Diveforit for shipping it to me in the first place. Looking forward to my week with them.
  3. ZehTreyster
    Just received the PM-3 #8 today and listening to it now. Will post impressions in a couple days if anyone's interested (remember, I'm new to this stuff :p)
  4. jinxy245

    Heck yes...that's (at least part of) the point.
    Let us know what you hear.
  5. HonkyTonk
    I had no idea this program existed! I would love to try out the PM-3 & agree to the terms & conditions.
  6. Freetrademan
    I'd like to try the PM-3. I agree to the terms. 
    What is the typical wait time before receiving them?
  7. gardibolt
    I signed up March 10 and got unit #3 on May 23, so it was running around 10 weeks then. 
  8. Sharkhunter
    Oppo PM-3 USA Unit #3 i will be receiving it today. Thank you [yawujowimaka] for shipping so quickly. Will update once received.
  9. Sharkhunter
    Received Unit 3 USA today. Thanks.
  10. maddog2020
    I am very interested in the loaner program and I agree to all Terms and Conditions. I reside in the US.
  11. NickyaKillah
    Same here, got unit 4 in about 8-10 weeks. Don't exactly remember when.
  12. chrisalbrecht
    I would love to try out the Oppo PM-3s, and agree to the terms and conditions. 
  13. NickyaKillah
    My week with the PM-3s has concluded. I thought they were great headphones, but need a good amplifier to get the best sound, unlike my Fiio E18. Ready to be contacted with shipping info for the next participant.
  14. Sharkhunter
    US-Unit #3 on its way to reginalb. I am a huge fan of VMODA M100 and after trying PM-3, I am picking one up for myself. They are really comfy to use on road and at work.
    Thanks Jiffy Squid once again for this PM-3 loaner program.
  15. NickyaKillah
    Here's a mini review of the PM-3's while I work on the full one:
    The Oppo PM-3 to me is very similar to the AKG sound signature except colder, a touch more bassy, and without the massive sound stage of the K/Q series. I personally have the Q701s hooked up to the Fiio E18 as my main setup, and I used the same amplifier for my testing with the PM-3s. I didn't think the PM-3 amplified well with the E18, despite the sound having many qualities of my main setup. I felt everything seemed a little unnatural, mainly because the tight sound stage exposing all of the flaws of the E18, where the Q701's wide as hell stage hid those flaws. I concluded that these would make great portable headphones for those looking for the AKG sound signature in a portable form, unlike the AKG K553s (another review I need to make) which to me sound very lackluster, especially in the lows.
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