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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. rnros
    Recently completed my week with the PM-3. My thanks to OPPO and Jiffy Squid for making this program possible. Happy to say I now own the PM-3 and the PM-1.
    As you will read below, I am thoroughly convinced of the PM-3's superiority over the other referenced headphones, this is my opinion/experience only with my ears and my equipment. This PM-3 trial was with Schiit tube amps only.
    Short story: Within the first day I become so attached to the PM-3 that in the following week I only listened to the PM-3.  The realistic tonal balance, the full and articulate bass, the incredible detail in the mids, and the lack of distracting treble peaks, make this a super enjoyable and comfortable headphone.  At the end of the week I did do some comparison listening with the Senn HD650/600, the AKG K7XX, and the Philips X2/27. The comparison listening did not last long, the PM-3 is a clear upgrade to all of these. And this is despite the fact that the PM-3 is a closed phone. Very impressive.
    Additional notes: Except for the last day, all of my listening was with the Schiit Lyr1 fed by the GungnirMB. There was so much to enjoy with this combination that it never occurred to me to move on to my other Schiit amps. I did, at the end of the week, also try the PM-3s with the Valhalla2 and the Vali2. All were excellent combinations. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that low impedance phones should not match well the Valhalla2 or the hi-gain-only Lyr1, both of these amps played well with the PM-3. Extremely well.

    For Tube Rollers: Tubes rolled for synergy testing with the PM-3 included: '59 Amperex Bugle Boy ECC88 'D' Getter, '64/65 Siemens E88CC, '66 Telefunken E88CC, '66 Amperex PQ 7308, '69 Reflektor 6N23P ODPG, '73 Reflektor 6N23P ODPG, '73 Philips SQ E88CC, '74 Reflektor 6N23P SWGP, '75 Reflektor 6N23P SWGP HG, '77 & '86 Reflektor 6N3P-E (adapter reg'd). All these of these tubes played well with the PM-3s; the typical known characteristics of all these tubes came through without any anomalies.
    My favorite tube combination? Both the '77 and '86 Reflektor 6N3P-E in either the Lyr1 or the Valhalla2. (Similar sound profile to the best Reflektor 6N23Ps but with a little less energy and diffusion in the upper bass/lower mids.) Beautiful match with both the PM-3 and the PM-1.
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  2. Skarecrow77
    Thanks for the impressions Rnros, I've got a modi 2 / Vali2 setup and am waiting for my turn with a loaner set. Knowing it plays well with the vali2 only makes me more excited. Got a '74 Ei Philips PCC88 and a '57 Herleen Miniwatt pinched waist PCC88 to try out. I'm really curious if it's gonna be the voodoo holographic soundstage on the Ei, or the delicate detailed Herleen, that "wins".
  3. The Canuck
    I have completed my week with the headphones (Unit 3). Actually that was done last week, and while I have reached out to Jiffy Squid, as there is no one below me in the list, I haven't heard back.  And I don't know where to send it next.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining that I can keep them a little longer and enjoy the beauty that they are, and the sound that they produce.  But I also don't want it to appear I am not following the terms and conditions.  They are in safe hands, and I will keep enjoying them, until someone tells me otherwise.
  4. Gbemiro
    My week with Canadian pair #2 is up. I have contacted JiffySquid and am waiting for the shipping information of the next participant.
  5. HipHopScribe
    Unit #8 is on it's way to the next lucky person
  6. rnros

    PM-3 is a great HP in sound, comfort, and build, but when you add the fact that it will play well enough for traveling with a DAP, that is remarkable to me. So matching it with the Vali2 should be impressive for you. Now when you scale up to the Valhalla2 or the Lyr2, the PM-3 just gives you even more.
  7. The Canuck
    @yawujowimaka - Unit 3 is on its way to you. Should have it by Saturday.
  8. yawujowimaka
    Unit 3 is here. Thank you to Jiffy and The Canuck.
  9. kygamma
    I am interested in the loaner program and I agree to all Terms and Conditions. I reside in the US.
  10. reginalb
    Interested and agree to the terms and condition. In the Eastern part of the US.
  11. petezjunior
    Suggestions on where to buy oppo headphones? They've been out for two years and the price is still the same. Wondering if I can buy new oppo cans for cheaper than retail.
  12. newyorker4life

    I bought a refurb pm3 from Oppo, $319. Same warranty. If I didn't know I'd swear was brand new out of the box.
  13. Ringneck
    I would like do demo pm3. I reside in us.
  14. Sharkhunter
    Yei. I was about to place an order on PM3 but came to this thread and learnt about the loaner program. I was worried if the PM3 ear pads would be too small. 
    and i am next in line for Unit 3. :)
  15. tompaz909
    Received PM-3 Canada Unit #2  today. [​IMG] 
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