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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. yawujowimaka
    I am interested in the loaner program and I agree to all Terms and Conditions. I reside in the US.
  2. VinegarBoy
    I just had an excellent trial and ready to ship #4 out to the next on the list.
  3. T Bone
    PM-3 unit number #1 has been shipped to a lucky head-fi'er in California.
    Enjoy your time with it, I know I did!
  4. rnros
    PM-3 Unit #8 will be shipped on Saturday to the next in line HipHopScribe pending receipt of shipping address.
    PM sent to Jiffy Squid.
    These are great headphones and a super value. No reservations about a 5 Star recommendation for these.
    I'll post some brief descriptive comments and comparisons later. Hard to take these off. Hard to reach for another HP while these are still here.
    h2rulz likes this.
  5. The Canuck
    Just received Unit #3.  Can't wait to spend a week with these.  Initial impressions on just the build of the cans is impressive.  With the heavy duty feel of the hinge, you would think they are heavy, but they are so soft on the head and light feeling.
  6. VinegarBoy
    As My mourning continues preparing Unit #4 for the processional from home to the post office, I would like to share two "non-sq" impressions.

    The quality of materials and construction is absolutely stellar. My first look OOTB and I was awe struck with the look and feel of the PM-3.

    Since these are planars, I immediately ran them through my amp because we all know how hard planars are to drive. They performed stupendous with power behind them, I loved them. Then I decided to remove the amp and run straight from an iPhone 6 just to see how deficient they were without an amp.

    These are listed as portable for a reason. They sound great with or without an amp, YMMV. I was shocked by this even more than the OOTB look and feel.

    Beginning to construct a review that will incorporate the two impressions above along with my review of the SQ.

    Enjoy your trial of Unit #4 half as much as I did and you, like me will be jonesing for a set of your own.
  7. cgiammona Contributor
    Just received unit #1.
  8. VinegarBoy
    Unit # 4 just left on its way to the next on the list. EST delivery date is Monday.
  9. rnros
    Unit #8 is on the way to HipHopScribe. Expected delivery is Monday.
  10. HipHopScribe

    Picked up unit #8 at the post office today. Thanks
  11. Gbemiro
    I have received Canadian unit #2. Thank you Jiffy Squid and Audiolover66.
  12. Audiolover66
    You are very welcome, enjoy the headphones to the fullest! 
  13. newyorker4life
    Well I wish a knew about this before I ordered mine from Oppo !
  14. NickyaKillah
    Has anyone recieved unit 4 yet? Sorry Im next in line after the guy Vinegar shipped to and im hyped.
  15. NickyaKillah
    Hey what is going to happen with the MIA pair?
46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55
57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66

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