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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. vdgraaf

    unit sent yesterday.
  2. Audiolover66
    Hello friends, 
    Just curious any word on the shipping status of the Canadian unit #2 in circulation? Has it reached its destination yet? 
    Thanks Audiolover 66 
  3. Biffsearphones

    I have them currently, should have them back in the mail on Monday.
  4. Audiolover66
  5. KewlMunky
    Unit one is on it's way.
  6. gardibolt
    Received Unit #3. I hope to play with them tonight.
  7. Biffsearphones

    Headphones were put in the mail yesterday should be on there way.
  8. Thesupernatural
    Hi this is my first post as well though I've been a lurker on these forums for a few months now. Anyways I'd really like to participate and join the list for unit #1.

    I, thesupernatural, agree to the terms and conditions for the pm3 loaner program.
  9. Audiolover66
    The Canadian PM-3 unit as of 5/31/2016 are in my possession, I will now begin the week of testing. 
    Thanks Audiolover66
    Biffsearphones likes this.
  10. T Bone
    I have had the privilege or enjoying PM-3 Unit #1.  
    I am ready to send it to the next recipient or return it.  Who's up next?
  11. gardibolt
    I did a little review of Unit #3:
    I should be able to ship it out to the next person on the list this evening.
  12. Bananam4n
    I am interested in participating. I am in Canada, Unit #2. I agree to all terms and conditions for the PM3 loaner program. 
  13. Gbemiro
    I am Canadian as well and interested in participating in the program. I agree to all terms.
  14. h2rulz
    Just received unit #8.
    Thanks @jamesp !
  15. Thesupernatural
    I posted about five days ago but I would like to receive unit 1 please I agree to all terms.
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