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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. MadDane
    Weeee!  I'll get it in a couple of weeks!!
  2. Biffsearphones
    Hello, I'm interested in the loaner program and I agree to terms and conditions. Located in Canada.
  3. mixpro
    Thanks Katun.
    Based on the page 1 list, that's the one I received. First listen points to fun times this week.
  4. HipHopScribe
    I'd like to participate. I agree to the terms and conditions. Thanks!
  5. Sophonax
    Here's my review of the PM-3 for anyone who's interested in reading:
    I'm ready to send PM-3 Unit #4 on to the next person in line as soon as I receive the shipping info. Thanks!
    VinegarBoy likes this.
  6. mixpro
    That was interesting.
    I have sent the loaner I received along to the next participant. Will try to make time to post a brief review soon.
    Have fun!
  7. ZehTreyster
    Hello! I'd definitely be interested in participating in this. I agree to the terms and conditions. I'm considering buying a pair of these and would love to try them out first since, well, $400 is a lot for me. Located in US
  8. Sophonax
    PM-3 Unit #4 is on its way to the next person in line!  Looks like it should arrive tomorrow.
  9. MadDane
    Just got unit #1, let the music play...
  10. NickyaKillah
    Hi there! I would love to try out the PM-3s! Please add "NickyaKillah" to the list.
    I agree to the terms and conditions. I also live in the US.
    I've been contemplating buying a pair for quite a while now, and would love a chance to try them out beforehand, as, well... $400 is a LOT of dough.

    Thanks in advance!
  11. Audiolover66
    Hello Everyone, 
    I'm seriously considering joining the Loaner Program but have a few questions first, if anyone could shed some light and clarify that would be much appreciated. 
    1) I am located in Canada what is the ballpark shipping costs like to those who have already completed the loaner program in Canada?
    2) In what shape will I receive the headphones only for the fact that I'm worried that the headphones will be abused when I receive them?
  12. MadDane

    I just received unti #1 USA, if you look at the first page here, you'll see how many have used it. It is in pristine shape, not a scratch on it. The ear pads show moderate wear on the very bottom, but considering how many times these things have been put on and taken off in the past few weeks, that's not surprising! The box and cables/materials look used but thats expected as dozens of people have handled them.
  13. NickyaKillah
    I want to try these even more now just because of what Dane said.
  14. Audiolover66
    Thank you for the quick reply @ MadDane !
    Currently I'm located in Canada would I be receiving the USA Headphones as well or the Canada unit? Also can you speak to how much it costs to ship them back and forth?
  15. MadDane

    I think you'd be getting the Canadian unit, no I dont know anything about shipping costs sorry.
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