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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. The Third
    I would also like to partake in the PM-3 Loaner program. I reside in the Netherlands, is this okay?
  2. reihead
    Is this still limited to the USA? Any plans for a program in Europe?
  3. Son of Sniglet
    Hello. I would very much like to participate in this, I've been dying to give these headphones a listen. I agree with the terms and conditions. Thank you!
  4. mlrmlrmlr
    I have spent a few hours with the pm-3's and will hate to see them go. Where do they go next?
  5. Supa Mint
    It looks like, from the Page 1 list, that they go to @jmsmitty4949 next.
    .... and then to me! :)
  6. k4rstar
    Would be interested in a loaner pair. I am in Canada.
    I shipped out the PM-3s yesterday. Hope the next person gets to enjoy them as much as I did! Really great product and most definitely something for the audiophile on the go.
  8. chazb11
    I'm very much interested in trying out the PM-3. Please put me on the list.
    Edit> I agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. WhiskeyJacks
    Received the Oppo Pm-3, and Have been able to take a quick listen, But not much more than that. But what I heard from the DX90(lurker f.w.) (and with Ibasso PB2 at some points) sounded very pleasing to the ears. Great tonality, enjoyable signature, laid back but detailed with good punch and speed. Will of course right better impressions when I sit down and listen more thoroughly.
  10. bavinck
    I've got PM-3 Canada Unit #2 right now. Anyone else with this unit feel there is a channel imbalance with the drivers favouring the left driver? I notice this with vocals especially.
  11. shennyg
    I am interested in the program and that I agree to the terms and conditions.
  12. WhiskeyJacks
    I was reading that you are not a big fan of the headphones neutrality? Do you own other closed backs you prefer? I just received my loaned and started listening today. I have some good closed headphones, like ZMF x Vibros, Sound magic HP-100, and hp-150. Along with He-560's(grill, cable, and pad modded. Current main headphone). I can understand not enjoying the laid back neutral character, but I feel that it does have some emotion. I mean I listened to adele's 25 in flac and Rive Lea and Love in the dark was pretty awesome. I paired it with the iBasso PB2, the Meier 2stepdance, and the NFB 28's single ended out. What gear have you been using yours with? and any other headphone you would say you suggest at this price in comparison?
    I also listened to some more tracks with the Pm-3, at first I was like this is decent but I would not pay the premium(granted it is a lovely headphone with nice quality, very nice.) but after pairing with different amps, listening to some folk, some more indie tracks, and some adele and I was left really satisfied. Will be working on the beginning of the review and my the rest of impressions this weekend.
    I think this could be a good high quality sounding headphone for many people as of right now, with a neutral, detailed, smooth sound. Doesn't fatigue and doesn't disappoint after giving it some time.
  13. bavinck
    I (literally) listened to it all day. Comfy, no fatigue. Good neutral sound. It is not an exciting headphone, but paired with a dragonfly 1.2 and cayin c5 (seperate setups) it has really grown on me, to the point I kind of want to keep it. It's a very nice sounding headphone, I do like a neutral signature.
  14. WhiskeyJacks
    Oh, that is good, I was just wondering if you didnt like it or did because of the pairing with the gear you owned, but I can imagine the Dragonfly 1.2 actually sounding good with the PM-3's Signature, and I feel the same I wish I could keep it to a certain extent because each time I listen to it when in my reading area and chair or in bed relaxing It makes me very content paired with the 2stepdance and dx90. I wish may be selling some things in order to pick up one used or something in the end we will see.
    Glad you enjoy are liking the headphone, and how is the sound and what not from the Cayin C5 ? And paired with the PM-3?
  15. bavinck

    Everything sounds good out of the c5,no joke! Nice big soundstage, beautiful euphoric mids, good slam, great bass extension.

    This headphone is so easy to wear and take out if the house. Plus it is easy to drive. I am completely addicted to the planar sound at this point, so I think I will buy this when I have to give the loaner back.
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