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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. AudioBear
    The PM-3s support balanced input, you just have to use the right cable connector, if you buy them you can easily fulfilled your balanced desires. I am quite pleased with them. PM me if you need some links on the right cable.
    Here are some impressions of the PM-3 so far.
    I absolutely love them, great comfort, perfect on my head and ears, although the cups are a bit smaller than most over ears it doesn't feel like its squishing my ears or causing that much clamping at all.
    Driving it through my desktop computer's sound card is quite great, lovely sound and volume.
    However, driving it through my mobile android phone seems to offer me some minor sound problems. (I use the Motorola Droid Turbo) It doesn't sound like it's full, and that it needs more driving power through it, definitely in the bass and in the highs, and some volume levels felt a bit off. I used the PM-2s as a test not too long ago so I had them as a reference point, and they were driven through my mobile device much better than these PM-3s, which felt odd knowing the open powerhouse it is. 
    Could I possibly need an amp/DAC to drive it much better through my mobile device like the HA-2 perhaps? I don't own one so I can't say I know much about using one. I've been using an EQ app and it has made some interesting improvements to it.  I've never felt so on the fence about fulfilling a headphone purchase haha. But throughout my test its definitely one I want to use for on the go as a good mobile headphone. And using it at home is nice too when I'm not using my AKG K612 Pros.
  3. MadDane
    Definitely need an amp/DAC!
    Any recommendations that would work well with the PM-3 that's affordable? Maybe the Schiit Modi/Magni?
  5. howdy

    Get the HA2, sounds amazing with the PM3
    the HA-2 is a bit expensive at this moment so I don't know if I can get it yet. Although I do not doubt that it makes the PM-3 sound amazing.
  7. MadDane
    For affordable I like the FiiO Q1 under $100 don't think you can beat it for under $100!!!

  8. howdy

    How much do you want to spend? I have a FiiO E11 amp I want to get rid of I have not used it in about a year.
    A good amp/DAC at around $100-150 200 at the most. I've heard many good things about the E11. In what kind of condition is it in? I'm interested.
  10. jinxy245
    I finally wrote a review for these... I loved my time with them!
    Here's the link:
  11. Supa Mint
    Great job with the review. I'm looking forward to my time with them, and an opportunity to compare notes.
  12. jinxy245

    I predict you'll enjoy them...the week goes by too fast.
  13. NoDude
    Hi there, I'm interested in the loaner program, and agree to the terms.
  14. Noobzilla
    Got the loaner PM3 today. Headphones review will always be subjective, but hopefully some info about myself and music taste can help. I'm using Meridian Explorer 2 DAC with it and comparing it to my Denon AH D600. I've tried other headphones such as HD650, DT990, and HE-6, but not for a long time. My previous headset is Sennheiser Game PC360. In no particular order of preference, I like listening to alternative and rock, kpop (I don't know korean), video game music, film scores, instrumentals and electronic. Mostly from late 90's to present, though recently I've been exploring 70's and 80's songs. I mostly pay attention to the instruments and almost completely ignore vocals. I also lean towards being a basshead, but not completely... I'd say 80%. Anyways, here's my impression of the PM3. 
    Bass. I'm not impressed by the bass. I mostly listen to music to wake me up or give me adrenaline like I'm in a club or about to fight some boss or super villain. The PM3 takes away most of that fun factor when compared to my D600. The PM3 does still have a decent amount of bass and I would easily pick it over HD650 in this category, but it just doesn't have enough of it for me to truly enjoy most of the music I listen to. On my personal 10 scale I would put the PM3 as the minimum acceptable bass (7.5/10) while any more bass than my D600 (9.5/10) would be a bit too much for me. 
    Less 'airiness'. Guitar strings lost some 'airiness'.
    Smaller sound stage. All the instruments sound closer to me than on the D600. 
    Comfort. HD650 and HE-6 clamp gave me a headache. My D600 is a bit big and loose. PM3 is f****** perfect for my head! My ears get a little touched, but it doesn't feel discomfort. I feel like I can wear this the whole day and forget that I'm even wearing them. I'm also wearing a thin-framed glasses and the PM3 doesnt hinder it. 
    Details and cleanliness. The PM3 (9/10 score) does have a slight edge in details over my D600 (8.5/10 score). I hear them better and cleaner. It could be that the PM3 plays them better or the D600 bass/lows drowns them or combination of both. The cleanliness in the sound makes the PM3 relaxing to listen to. 
    VOCALS. Sometimes I do listen to vocals. I like R&B and soul once in a while, but most of the time I still pay most attention to the instruments. I, however, do have a favorite when it comes to vocals. Whitney Houston. OMG. PM3 almost made me cry like how I almost cried listening to music for the first time with my Meridian Explorer 2 + D600 coming from a gaming headset. 
    I guess I'll call it as mini echo. I have not listened much to instruments in person, so I can't tell which one is more realistic. If you hit the cymbals, it has the natural tinggggggg echo. Some sounds seem very slightly 'shorter' on the PM3 and ends slightly faster than my D600 like a shorter tinggggg. Maybe this is the extended explanation of 'cleaner' sound. Can someone explain this? I'm also still slowly learning by comparing different headphones ^^
    The PM3 is comfortable with solid build quality. It has a decent balanced amount of bass, though bassheads will not appreciate these headphones. The PM3 excels in details and especially in vocals. 
  15. monkuboy
    I would like to participate in the PM-3 loaner program and agree to its terms and conditions. 
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