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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. nabwong
    I got the pm3 loaner. I don't need it as I bought a set already. I wasn't expecting them. So tell me who I should ship it to. Waiting for the pm1.
  2. DrawTheLine87
    I think you PM the person who sent you a confirmation of the loaner program. They'll provide the address to ship the unit to.
  3. nabwong
    Ok thanks. The weird thing is no one PMed me to expect it. Haha... I'll check with the next person.
  4. nk126
    Been listening to the PM-3s for about 2.5 hours so far today at work. Some things I really like, some things I'm a little underwhelmed by. They're very good, comfortable, and stylish headphones, to be sure. But comparing them to other 'phones reveals some interesting things, even for my new-to-good-cans ears.
  5. luahoana
    Received Canada unit #2 today. Haven't had the chance to even open the box yet (not home yet) and probably won't be able to try them out until tomorrow, but looking forward to it.
    Thanks geetarman49 for sending them my way, and Jiffy Squid for the opportunity!
  6. dadmav
    Received the PM-3s on Thursday the 3rd , will not get a chance to listen until after the holiday.
  7. psklenar
    Jiffy Squid,
    If this loaner program is still in progress, I'd very much like to try these PM-3's!  I'm in the market for a pair of closed-back, over-the-ears 'phones for office use (we moved, new office doesn't have single person cubes nor high walls, so my open-back AKG K501's are no longer acceptable).
    I agree with the given terms.
    Thank you,
  8. mbosco
    I'd like to give these a try and I agree to the terms.
  9. mikesale
    Just home from labor day trip and my house sitter says I have a package that wasn't on my tracked list, guessing/hoping it's the PM-3?
  10. Trogdor
    I'd also like to be on the list and I agree to the terms and conditions of the program. Please PM me for an address. I'm in the US.
  11. tdonnellyem
    would like to try out the PM-3's.  i agree to the terms and conditions.
    thanks for the opportunity!
  12. dadmav
    Have not yet received an address for the next lucky person to try these. Having purchased Oppo products in the past I knew the phones would be a good value and they did not disappoint. I did not get as long to try these as long as I would have liked to from being on vacation, but I would recommend the PM-3's. I am on the list for the PM-2's and am excited to try them as well. I am waiting for Oppo to release their next blu ray player, I think their headphones would be a good match, I have already purchased a DVD and their first bluray player,so the next one has to be the last one. The built in headphone amp and the ability to feed digital content to the DAC's would be great. Thx again Oppo.
  13. hometeamboy
    Where do you submit address? And what are the chances of getting some balanced cables?
    raajgunnn likes this.
  14. rarrior
    Is this still going on? If so, I would definitely like to participate. These seem like exactly what I'm looking for and would love to try before I buy.
  15. luahoana
    Canada Unit #2 is on its way to the next paerson.
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