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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. raajgunnn
    The recessed mids have been a problem with all the "punchy" mid-fi headphones I've tried. The MH-40, for example, IMO completely lacks a mid range! I wonder how the DefTech Symphony Ones are faring. There's not been much on it in the HeadFi forums and of what I've read, when utilizing the headphones' own DAC with ANC on, they sound like a dream. Either way, I wish you luck on your quest! If the PM-3 doesn't cut it for me, I'm just going to go with the H6.
  2. TJ Browning
    Received Oppo unit #2 yesterday. Stoked to see the package when I came home from work! Thank you ZABrock for sending, and Jiffy Squid for this awesome opportunity!
    Initial impressions:
    Dead. Sexy. Headphones. Handsome, even. Folks will notice these. They just feel solid. Comfortable and compact; I really like the cup swivel. Aesthetically, these are A++.
    ...Except for the cable. This cable looks like something I pulled out of the bottom of a drawer in a rush. Sandals with a suit and tie. No matter; I have plenty of cables. And it's detachable so even better.
    Initial sound impressions (very first listen):
    The first words out of my mouth were "wow, soundstage." Now, obviously not the dreamy soundstage you'd expect from a full-sized open headphone, but for a portable, closed ortho, I'm really impressed with the depth. My ears are literally touching the driver mesh, but sound seems to come from almost beyond the cup. Detail is stellar. Crisp and lively. This is not a sound I'm used to hearing come out of a portable set of cans. Sounds really good... I want... More bass. Wait, the bass is there! Yes, it's definitely there... But it seems to lack that tight, punchy authority that I love planars for...
    I can already tell that these phones have a niche of their own... I'm expecting some surprises, and looking forward to this week with them! I'll post a more detailed impression after I've let them stretch their legs out a little.   
  3. newtocans
    Please include me in the loaner program , I agree to the terms and conditions . My intent is to purchase but I would really like to audition first thanks
  4. rtaylor76
    Please include me in on this program. I am in Tennessee.
  5. geetarman49
    confirm receipt of canada 2
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  6. ludvigrollover
    I've been listening to my loaners exclusively for some days. I'm already sad that I have to send them on in a couple of days.
    I agree with most of the positive reviews these have gotten, don't know if I can add anything substantial. The main minus people mention is the soundstage. My current headphones are the X2, so I can definitely hear the difference in this regard. I also had a pair of T1s for a couple of weeks but ended up sending them back. I think PM-3 rivals or is close to T1 in detail presentation. I actually like the Oppos better, they are more pleasing and forgiving. They just do their job without rubbing your nose in their excellency. Crappy recordings were unlistenable on T1, but PM-3 presents them nicely, but still without hiding the muck. Early Ramones, for example.
    Speaking of soundstage / soundfield (not sure what the correct jargon is). The first days I perceived the sound as very one-dimensional and coming from a vertical "halo" around my head and centered on my ears. There was no forward / backward definition. Like my head was between two very nice studio monitors.  Today my brain has figured out how to better extract location ques. The sound has more depth. Weird. My brain has never been good at getting an "in front of me" stereo image from headphones anyway - I get inside the head and extending behind my neck...
    The clarity is outstanding. If these have their own sound, this is it. I can choose to concentrate on any instrument and it's *there*. Currently listening to Filles de Kilimanjaro and I get all of Tony Williams' mind blowing drumming details and nuances. If I want to figure out what is going on in a recording, Oppos give me that very nicely.

    An amp helps. Bass gets somewhat recessed from my laptop. I also tested these out of my crappy Moto phone in a noisy coffee shop. The passive isolation is better than the active one in my UE6000s. They sounded pretty damn good from my phone there and in bed.
    I played a bit with EQ adding some bass. I don't think it's needed, but it's fun. I may play a bit with the top end. EQ seems to work well with these.
    I guess the only negative I can say about these is that the sound is so well controlled and starts and stops instantly, it doesn't get "blended". I guess some see this accuracy as lifeless but I don't (I felt the T1 accuracy bordered on lifeless). They would be a great neutral reference.
    EDIT: Another maybe-negative is that these is a "shimmer" to the overall sound. I think this enhances the perceived clarity but it seems to be the characteristic sound of these. Maybe a resonance of some kind? Wonder if something in the high end needs to be EQ'd down some.
    These go to the top of my acquisition list. My main speaker rig has been Magnepan MMGs for over five years so I guess I'm used to planars. I still would like to listen to PSB M2U before pulling the trigger.
    I'd be happy to try to answer any questions.
  7. nabwong
    Can I please be taken off the PM-3 loaner list? I just bought a pair. Now just waiting for those PM-1 loaners. Thanks. =)
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  8. randy98mtu
    I would like to be added to the loaner program.  I agree to the terms.  I am in Michigan.
  9. hometeamboy
    I'd very much like to try them. What are the possibility of borrowing some balanced cables as I would like to try them with my PonoPlayer? I agree to terms and conditions.
  10. raisedbywolves
    i'd like to try them out and agree to the terms. just started a new job and intended to buy a pair in 3-4 weeks so it'd be nice to maybe get a chance to listen to them before then.
  11. geetarman49
    luahoana, you are next in line for canada #2 --- you have pm.
  12. nick n

    throwing thoughts down anywhere?[​IMG]
  13. geetarman49
    i'll be posting a few comments once i've collected my thoughts --- generally quite positive, tho.
  14. DrawTheLine87
    I've just shipped my loaner pair off to the next lucky person.

    I'm impressed with their sound given how portable they are. I don't think I've found a headphone that's as neutral as this pair, that's more portable.

    I'm not certain if I've described that accurately, but for a truly portable headphone, it's hard to beat if you're not looking for a bass heavy option.

    I'd also like to mention something that I haven't seen brought up yet regarding comfort... The interior of the headphone where I expected hard plastic underneath the fabric, I found... A small ring of foam! What a wonderful surprise that was. Those of us whose ears stick out will be cushioned slightly, which my ears appreciated during longer listening sessions.
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  15. nk126
    Just received my pair. Like barely opened the box enough to see "Oppo" before returning to my desk. Thanks, whoever sent them! Time to start listening ... 
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