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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. istirsin

    Thanks. It looks like my endgame closed headphone doesn't exist yet.
    If only the NAD VISO HP50 looked better, the H6 or MSR7 had bass impact, the MH40 had better treble, or the PM3 had more punch(?).
  2. PurdueAlum
    Sadly,my week with the PM-3 is over. @DrawTheLine87 they are on the way and should be there in a couple days. Good news is that my wife gave the thumbs up. She said just buy them, and be sure to order a white pair for me. She either really liked them, or I've worn her down on my audio addiction. Regardless, I'm not taking chances. PM-3 is next on my purchase list.

    Thx @JiffySquid
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  3. Dcun201
    [/@]Ludvigrollver Your pm-3 is on its way.
  4. tankhuu1994
    I want to sign up for the loaner program and I agree on the terms and condition.
    Currently reside in Walla Walla, Washington
  5. fishpatrol
    I wouldn't recommend either one over what you hear yourself. :) I also thought the MH40 had a punchy dynamic sound, it just wasn't a sound signature I liked. To me, the PM3 was not punchy, in comparison. Lots of detail, but not the kind of energetic presentation that made me want to get moving. Guess I'm looking for something in between.
    I didn't think the PM3s had smeared mids. If anything, the Stax showed that more. I'm familiar with the 24fps vs. 48fps issue, but I'm not sure it has a direct parallel in audio. It feels dumb to say that the PM3 doesn't move enough air. Obviously I can hear the audio and turn it up plenty loud. 
    I grew up with musicians. My dad plays acoustic guitar and my mom is a professional pianist. Sometimes when she was practicing on the grand piano, I'd lay down underneath it to listen. Now that's a listening experience I don't expect to ever replicate with a recording. :) Looking for a "live sound" out of recordings, in general, is a recipe for disappointment. But I guess this issue, what I'm referring to as attack, is a noticeable and important one for me.
    Marco's review rundown was what got me to the Apple Store for a listen. If I could only get them to let me listen to every model they have for sale (come on Apple) I would have really been set.
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  6. istirsin

    Fair enough. It sounds to me like I'd prefer the MH40's signature over the PM3 but as you said. I'd still like to hear it myself at least for reference experience.
    I have the Fidelio X2s at home which I believe strikes a good balance between the two. They're fun and somewhat balanced (with bass emphasis as per my preference). I just wish there was a closed portable option like it with a similar signature. The closest you can get either comes V-shaped with recessed mids or a laid back treble with less clarity. 
  7. PurdueAlum

    At first listen I thought the PM-3 was a little light on bass. I guess I like a little mid-bass bump or some rumble in my music. I'm not a bass head, but that warmth is what I'm used to. That said, I ran the PM-3's with a FiiO e17 portable amp,adjusted the EQ to bring the bass slightly above the treble, and it started to click for me. I needed just a little extra on the low end and these cans handled that request with ease, all while not muddying the mids, and coming with a nice top end that was satisfying, yet not overbearing. I mention this, because adjusting the EQ opened them up, while allowing me to really enjoy a nice presentation of the mids. My suggestion would be to adjust the EQ and see if you can get that kick you seem to be looking for.

    I am not a professional reviewer, just a guy who likes all things audio, so please take this into account.

    Overall, the PM-3's just sounded good, and were ultra comfortable to boot. That, and the fact that my wife now wants a pair of Oppo's for herself, and I think they have created a winning combination.
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  8. AudioBear
    Thanks.  I like your kind of review better.  Especially good to know EQ works.  I usually shop for neutral and EQ from there to my taste.  And my taste changes with music and mood and over time.  I save myself buying a lot of headphones by EQ-ing.  Glad to hear someone else does it. 
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  9. raajgunnn
    I'm pretty new to the headphone game and just signed up on head-fi (have followed the forums for quite a while though). I would love to sign up for the pm-3 loaner program and agree to all the terms and conditions. I live in Nashville, TN.
  10. istirsin

    Using an amp easily fixes the preferential shortcomings of many headphones for sure. I'm pretty adamant about not using an amp, however, especially with portables.

    Would using an equalizer on my phone like Neutron be sufficient for EQing or would an amp be required in most cases?
  11. AudioBear
    An equalizer could easily increase the need for an amp!  In any case an equalizer will not substitute for an amp.  The bigger question is whether you need an amp in the first place.  With a very efficient IEM or headphone you might not need one even though some people always amp and claim it sounds better (disclosure: my first add-on device years ago was an amp and it really helped my early generation iPod sound much better).
  12. istirsin

    I decided to EQ for the first time ever and threw on treble booster for my Momentums. The balance and clarity (duh) were a lot better and my ONLY complaint was the loose bass that was still there. But after less than 10 minutes I got ear fatigue. I guess now I know why closed portable headphones opt for a rolled off treble. 
    I suppose I'll try EQing the PM3 if i can get my hands on a loaner unit. I just wonder if bumping the bass will add punchiness to the sound without an amp.
    I have an iPhone 5S so I don't see any worthwhile value in using an amp unless it's very high-end just because of cost to performance increase ratio.
  13. raajgunnn
    Have you tried the B&W P7? It was a little too bassy for me and it didn't have a great soundstage, but it might satisy the kind of signature you seem to be looking for.
  14. istirsin

    Hehe thanks for looking out.
    Admittedly, I had more than one problem with the P7s. The mids are recessed in comparison to the highs and lows and the bass can be boomy at times. Bigger problems were in portability. I couldn't comfortably have them around my neck and i could sometimes make out entire conversations even with music on. They'd probably be great in a home or office setting if you want some isolation, but not for commuting from my experiences.
  15. zuki1200
    I would like to take advantage of the loaner program. I've had a pair of the "Carver Amazing Loudspeaker" for twenty five years and if the PM3 sound anything like them...... what a live sound
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