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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. AudioBear
    It doesn't sound like you are listening to Oppo PM-3s.  Check the label.  Just kidding.  They are not at all power hungry, in fact quite the opposite.  That, and your hearing impressions, make it sound like there is something wrong with the pair you have.  Seriously bad.
    They are about as flat an neutral as it gets when they are working right.  That is boring to some people.  Tastes vary.  Most listeners prefer them over EL-8s or call it a tie.  Too bad you don't have them around to compare.
    It could be you don't like planars, but like Jabba you may grow to love them.  They have a way of weedling into your heart.  Give them time as you say you will.
  2. Allanmarcus

    I'm pretty sure I'm listening to them correctly. I duct-taped the all the wires to the headband, placed the ear-cups on my chest and back (over my shoulder), and I stand on top of my amp, on my head. That is the standard way to listen to headphones, right?
    I'm pretty sure they are OK. They are very neutral, which I know I don't really like as much as "fun." Like most quality audio equipment, they sound very good until compared to something different. :) I'm sure I could get used to them. I'm going to give it the ol' college try for a week. That said, now I'm really interested in the HE-400 series. 
  3. AudioBear
    Hey, what color duct tape did you use?  That's makes a difference.
    You know there wouldn't be 1000 models of headphones if we all liked the same thing.  PM-3s are popular but they are by no means going to take over the market lead.
    You have to admit they're well built but if the sound isn't your cup of soup that doesn't help. 
    Give 'em a week, if it's no go, send them to me.
  4. PiMoGo
    Thats interesting, regarding the 'hot treble', in my case I found the exact opposite to be the case. I felt it lacked a bit of sparkle on the treble. I was very satisfied with everything else. I'm actually experimenting with using an EQ to bring the treble up a little bit. To my ears, and in several songs, it has improved the sound dramatically for me.
  5. Japheel
    My thoughts exactly
  6. Allanmarcus
    Ok, "hot treble" may not be right, but there is a certain tin-like sound, a lack of fulness that I get with my other headphones, that seems to be missing with the PM-3s. I'm listening now with my DT-770/250's and my SR225i's, I seem to get that fullness of the sound with these two (much more with Beyers), but not the PM-3's. Sort of an extra twangy sound signature compared to the grado or beyerdynamics. I mean, I could get used it. Perhaps it's accuracy that I'm not used to.
    That said, the g-force clamping is still there compressing my head.
    Odd, compared to my 770/250, the PM-3 are way more efficient. That said, last night I was using my NAD D3020 and now I'm using my Magni. 
  7. RedJohn456
    Received the PM3 Canada unit #2 just now  @Jiffy Squid 
    Do want to note  things
    - Android cable use - right side quieter than the left
    - iPhone cable - came damaged out of the box, barely any sound coming through, have to wiggle to get any sound. the end that attaches to the headphones jack, the cap attached to the end is loose so it comes off when trying to take it out of the headphone jack (with very minimal force)
    - With the long cable - right side is a bit softer than the left, tested with 2nd device and trying both ears.
    Disappointed to see both portable cables damaged :frowning2:  I wanted to make note of it now since I just opened up the box and started testing the unit. 
    Anyway, this is definitely the comfiest pair of headphones I have ever used. Sounds fantastic to my ears, much better than I was expecting after reading some of the impressions here on head fi, that should teach me to believe everything I read :wink:
  8. bimmer100
    seems many of the cables are getting damaged from abuse.
    also some people have put the threaded end into the headphone side. it obviously should go into the amp side. It gives an odd sound if you plug them in wrong. just double check that. they sound tinny and the headphones don't get too loud either. 
  9. Allanmarcus

    I'm using the cables correctly.
    bimmer100 likes this.
  10. Allanmarcus

    You got me curious, so I checked and you cannot plug the threaded end into the headphone cup, it will not fit. That said, not plugging in the thin jack all the way into the headphone can certainly cause issues, but that's not the issue in my case. My issue is that the beyerdynamics and schusses' sound fuller. The Opps is much closer to the grade r225 sound, with the opps having better bass, more detail, and much more clamping force. 
  11. AudioBear
    I can't resist this, the devil is making me say it.  That fullness is called distortion.  No really, I mean it.  Sometimes that and other deviations sound better than flat neutral.  I'm getting the sense a very straightforward accurate presentation just plain turns you off.  It can sound very laid back until you start picking up on the pinpoint imaging, the detail, the accuracy etc that these are famous for.  Or not, you may continue to be unimpressed.  We don't ALL have to like them.
  12. cityle

    I have never noticed that the Android cable make one side quieter than the other. Sorry for not having noticed it before. And I didn't used the two other cables so couldn't tell if they were damaged or not.
  13. Allanmarcus

    Very probably correct. I'm going to atke a good long time at RMAF at all the planer headphones and see if any are comfortable enough to wear (for me), as I find the PM-3 eac cups too small and clamping force too tight. I didn't really like the sound of the EL-8's. I don't think the LCD-3's are comfortable enough to warrant their cost, plus a great amp to drive them. I did like the PM-1's, but they are rather pricey IMHO. I also tried the HE-400's since my son has them, but they aren't all the comfortable either. I'm hearing great things about the new 400 line, and they might be the right combination of comfort, clarity, and cost. The PM-3's certainly have their own signature. I didn't find the PM-1's lacking the fullness I seem to experience with the PM-3's, so I'm not sure it's a planner vs distortion issues. I'll keep listening for a few more days. I imagine my brain will burn in and the phones will open up for me :)  
  14. AudioBear
    They really grew on me over a week.  The first time I heard them I said "huh, this is what all the fuss is about."  Came back a few hours later and I heard something very different which kept getting better and fit.  You don't sound like you're headed in that direction.
  15. sheldaze
    Agreed [​IMG]
    But because of the compressed listening schedule, due to the headphones being borrowed for just the week, I spent those few hours listening to them. And it was a rapid head burn-in [​IMG]
    What initially sounded bright became immediately a vast and detailed sound, once I adjusted to the planar characteristics. For me, it was the speed that I was unaccustomed to hearing. Once I realized this and adjusted, I really liked these.
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