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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. nvfan
    Please add me to the list for the PM-1, assuming the program is still active. I accept all terms and conditions.
  2. Army-Firedawg
    Hello you beautiful people!!! Hope you're all having a great week. I have, after another ridiculous USPS headache, received the OPPO PM-1's and my ears haven't been so happy. They sound just as magical as I remembered them sounding. I've heard a MANY of headphones since I had the honor of reviewing these headphones and they still remain my favorite (Yes even more than my HD 800 S [I'll add a comparison in time]). But for now, I do think I'll enjoy my vacation/honeymoon/1 year anniversary with family, friends, and amazing music.
    Jimster480 likes this.
  3. Jimster480
    Is this still going on?
    Is there any other thread for the PM-2?
  4. Jiffy Squid
    It's still going for the PM-1. There isn't a loaner program for the PM-2 anymore.
  5. Jimster480
    Its alright I actually bought a a PM-2 with PM-1 pads and I'm loving it!
  6. m1ku
    I'd be interest in signing up too. Do I pm you my name and address?
  7. ksorota
    Please add me to the list for the PM-1. I accept all terms and conditions
  8. swmtnbiker
    Same here please. I sent you a PM a few days ago to that effect @Jiffy Squid
  9. CoffeeDog
    Woo-hoo! I just notice that I'm the PM-1 list! Perfect timing too, for I should be receiving them just after the semester ends.
  10. Jimmy Gazelle
    i recently got myself the oppo pm2. I reall like the sound and thhe comfort of the headphone. However, not that it bothers me, but does anyone agree that the earpad openings are very slim? on me, it sits more like a big on-ear can with huge padding. no way I am fitting my ear into that opening. as i said, doesn´t bother me at all. was just wondering..
  11. Jim Spec
    Where am I on the list these days?
    Thanks in advance, JS
  12. CoffeeDog
    Does anyone know if the PM-1 program for Unit 1 is still active? It seems that the last two people have had it for a combined two months. Heck, the last post in this thread was almost two months ago.
  13. ExpiredLabel
    Interested in both models and agree to terms and conditions set forth if its still possible to join. Thanks
  14. chef8489
    Tex Irie recieved them 26 of November. Not sure the status now. I had health isues in Nov and was ill for a few weeks in nov and thats why i had them for 3 weeks. I appologise for that, but sent them on as quickle as i could.
  15. chuzzlewitt
    I sent the PM-1 headphones to Jim Spec on 1/15/2018 and was delivered on 1/19/2018. I also notified Jiffy Squid on the day I sent them.
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