OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

  1. alcoholbob
    Please add me to the list for the PM-1, assuming the program is still active. I accept all terms and conditions.
  2. Army-Firedawg
    Hello you beautiful people!!! Hope you're all having a great week. I have, after another ridiculous USPS headache, received the OPPO PM-1's and my ears haven't been so happy. They sound just as magical as I remembered them sounding. I've heard a MANY of headphones since I had the honor of reviewing these headphones and they still remain my favorite (Yes even more than my HD 800 S [I'll add a comparison in time]). But for now, I do think I'll enjoy my vacation/honeymoon/1 year anniversary with family, friends, and amazing music.
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  3. Jimster480
    Is this still going on?
    Is there any other thread for the PM-2?
  4. Jiffy Squid
    It's still going for the PM-1. There isn't a loaner program for the PM-2 anymore.
  5. Jimster480
    Its alright I actually bought a a PM-2 with PM-1 pads and I'm loving it!
  6. m1ku
    I'd be interest in signing up too. Do I pm you my name and address?
  7. ksorota
    Please add me to the list for the PM-1. I accept all terms and conditions
  8. swmtnbiker
    Same here please. I sent you a PM a few days ago to that effect @Jiffy Squid
  9. CoffeeDog
    Woo-hoo! I just notice that I'm the PM-1 list! Perfect timing too, for I should be receiving them just after the semester ends.

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