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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. Jim Spec
    Please sign me up for PM-1. I agree to all the terms and conditions.
  2. Intelanot27
    JiffySquid, could we all get an update on when and if the PM1's will be put back into circulation?
  3. Tex Irie
    Is this still valid for the PM-1's? If so I would like to try them out.
  4. Land-O-The-Free
    To all that have been patiently waiting upon my return home, I truly apologize. I have been in the ICU for nearly the last two months almost entirely. I just got home 2 days ago. The few days I was home in between hospital stays, I tried to reach out to @argNS, with no response. I unfortunately had to go back into ICU before I could get the PM1's out to the next member on the list. I have just sent a PM to @Intelanot27 to get his shipping information so that I can get these back on their journey to the rest of the people hoping to try them out. I will post once I have sent them on their way to the next member. Thanks again for the opportunity ( which unfortunately was only about 4 hours over the course of my time with them ), and again, I deeply apologize for the delay.
  5. Intelanot27
    Responed to Land of the free. Will update upon receipt
  6. Land-O-The-Free
    PM1's show as delivered to @Intelanot27 yesterday, 9/13 at 12:43pm in afternoon. Thanks again for the opportunity!
  7. Intelanot27
    My times up, waiting for shipping address
  8. Jim Spec
    Shall I leave you my address. I am on the list.
  9. Jiffy Squid
    Actually, you never responded to my PM with your address, so I never added you to the list.

    I just sent you another PM.
  10. chef8489
    I did for the pm1,2, and 3 lists back on Aug 18. Will those be updated?
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2017
  11. Jiffy Squid
    You're on the PM-1 and PM-3 loaner program lists. The PM-2 loaner program is no longer active.
  12. chef8489
    Thanks, I see it now. Was not there past few weeks. Appreciate the chance to try these out.
  13. Intelanot27
    On there way to Army-Firedawg.
  14. CoffeeDog
    I can't believe I didn't see this thread before!

    Please add me to the list for the PM-1, assuming the program is still active. I accept all terms and conditions.

    I no longer see the PM-2 on the Oppo website. I assume it's no longer in production...?
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
  15. CoffeeDog
    I was fortunate enough to participate in the PM-3 tour, demoing the phones about a year ago. I've just now purchased them, receiving them today. Even without break-in, they sound even better than I remembered! I haven't listened to them through the Oppo UDP-205 yet, but I will tonight. :) Oh, no, am I becoming an Oppo fanboy???

    These tours are bad for my wallet. I listened to the PM-3s, and bought them. Also tried the iDSD Micro BL on tour, and bought that too, supplementing my iDSD silver. Maybe I shouldn't try the PM-1!
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