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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. petezjunior
    I would love to be part of the loaner program and am interested in the pm 2. I agree to the terms and conditions. Ty.
  2. Albert7
    I would like audition the PM-1's thanks.
  3. Jiffy Squid
    The list is available in the very first post of this thread for the PM-1 and PM-2, and the very first post of the PM-3 thread for that loaner program. A good rough estimate is to assume that there will be about 10 days of waiting for each name ahead of you on the list. Sometimes slower than that, sometimes faster.
  4. Albert7
    Cool beans... hopefully to be added for the PM-1's soon. thanks.
  5. ctsooner22
    I leave for Japan for two weeks at the end of August. I may need to switch with some folks so that I may truly listen and enjoy and also have the chance to ship it back out to the next person.
  6. cityle
    My little review of these headphones after 2 weeks of listening:
    The build quality on these is just superb. Everything feels sturdy, metal construction, solid 180 degrees swivel of the cups in both direction and very confortable. No more to say about this except maybe the pads may be small for some people. Speaking of pads, OPPO 3 includes of them: lamber pads, alt lamber pads and velour pads with a very easy to use pads swap mecanism. Although in my case I've only used the alt pads as I found that the sound with the other pads was muffled and the treble roll-off more proeminent.
    Speaking of the sound, they are the first planar magnetic that I've tested. The bass reproduction was great and the mids were accurate. My only problem as I've said earlier is the treble roll-off, making these headphone more on the darker side, not useful when the music you listen to is more treble reliant than bass reliant. Also, the sounstage is a little bit smaller and less airy than the soundstage I have on my ATH-AD900x.
    Looking foward to demo the OPPO PM-3 [​IMG]
  7. Bones1885
    PM-1 Unit #1 sent out this morning. 
  8. RazrLeaf
    MWSVette, you should have it by Thursday if USPS pulls through. PM-1 unit 2 shipped today.
    MWSVette likes this.
  9. n0rvig
    I'm interested in the PM-2, and I agree to your terms and conditions. I hope I'm not too late to get in on this.
  10. rschoi75
    PM1 Unit #1 received yesterday. Thank you. 
  11. masterfuu
    Interested in PM-1 and agree to all terms and conditions.

  12. MWSVette
    Received OPPO PM-1 unit #2 today.  First impression is WOW...  Its going to be a great week.
    Evshrug likes this.
  13. Selta
    Is there any update on PM-2 unit #2? It feels like it's been on the same spot for an extended period of time.
  14. DemonFox
    Yah, I sent in a request a few days ago for the next person after me but I think something went wrong because it didn't go through so I sent another one today that did 
    Sorry for the delay but we'll get it out very soon 
  15. DemonFox
    The next guy on the list only has one post and its for the loaner program. Does anyone know rubbadonga? If you are here and still doing the program send me a pm so we can get this thing moving again. 
    Sorry again for the delay guys. 
    FYI I just got some EL-8's and got to compare them to the PM-2's.... Not a full time for the review but both are good but I'm leaning more towards the PM-1 or PM-2. Comfort alone is a huge factor and the PM-2 win by a mile. Audeze has improved comfort and fit with the EL-8 but its still worlds away from being anywhere near the comfort level of the PM-1/2. 
    Sound is very close too but its still to close to give to one side or the other. But saying that, its still a big nod in the direction of Oppo because again, the comfort and weight just can't be match. The only real difference I have notice that is pretty easy is the soundstage. Audeze (who isn't known for have the widest soundstage) has a very nice set of headphones here with the EL-8 thats for sure. 
    Now I just need to see which is best... 
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