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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. OrganMonster
    I'm interested in the PM-2's. I understand and accepts the terms & conditions. 
    I just heard the PM-2 modded at a Denver meet yesterday. I have to say that it was amazing. I also listened to the PM-3 as well yesterday. I just found this thread today. I really liked the PM-2. I compose music, almost all classical and a little new age. I do my composing on a large 3 manual organ and a digital piano. I compose symphonies and am looking for a headphone that reproduces the sound of the instruments fairly accurately. 
  2. mandrake50

    I would like to join the loaner program for both the PM-1 and PM-2.
    I agree to the conditions.
  3. randomx
  4. OrganMonster
    I will try this again. I think this did not make it the first time.
    I would like to join the loaner program for the PM-2's. I accepts the terms & conditions. 
  5. Selta
    Can my place in line be moved DOWN a couple of slots? It'd be nice if I could have these over the weekend of the 25th. Partially because I'll have more listening time then, but also because the 25th is the big Seattle meetup, so I can get a lot more people to listen to them as well.
  6. Bones1885
    Received PM-1 #1 this morning and have used then for a bit on my Fiio x3. So far I like them quite a bit, very comfortable. Will test them on my desktop setup against my TH-900s.   
  7. RazrLeaf
    PM-1 arrived today. Haven't had proper time with them yet, though.
  8. Bones1885
    What is the difference in sound between the leather and the leather alt pads?
  9. HasturTheYellow
    Yes. The alternative leather earpads are designed to sound more like the PM-2 earpads. They have a little more treble to them.
  10. cityle
    I would say also that the PM-1 sounds much better with the alt pad as the treble roll-off is less pronounced with them.
  11. Bones1885
    After using the PM-1s for awhile here are my thoughts versus my TH-900s.
    Both are comfortable and can be used for hours with out an issue. As far as which is more comfortable, I can't decide.
    All and all, the two sound similar. Listening to a wide set of genres I'd say the PM-1s sound great for; alternative, rock, trance, edm, metal, and solo guitar. I preferred my TH-900s for; symphony/classical, solo piano, and jazz. The Pm-1s are very smooth and the mids were exceptional. I found myself using them for rock and alternative over my TH-900s. The sound stage on the PM-1s are more personal and less wide then the TH-900 (Although I don't think that is a bad thing). Lows are well controlled. Mids feel life like to me. Highs are a little rolled off, however I prefer this as even my TH-900s paired with a song with plenty of focus on the highs can become fatiguing.
  12. fidelio
    i would like to join the loaner program for the PM-2, agree to the terms + conditions.  thx, artie cable
  13. ctsooner22
    sorry to ask, but is there a list of approximately when are name comes up for all three? Have a vacation at the end of August and gone a lot in Sept, lol. Thanks all.
  14. mjban
    Hi there! 
    Interested in the PM-1, just bought the PM-3, HA-1 and HA-2. I want to try the PM-1 to finally declare myself an Oppo fanboy.
    I accept the T&C. Thanks.
  15. butterflyeffect
    Placists!! Worst case of placism I've ever seen
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