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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. Stephan
    Well the week I've had with the PM-1's has been highly enjoyable. I love the sound signature of these cans, and pretty much everything about them. I can literally just listen to music for hours and get lost in how great they sound, with zero fatigue. That to me, is the mark of a great headphone. Build quality is the best I've ever seen, and they don't look ridiculous on my head, like Audeze cans. I plan on buying a pair, but first would like to hear the PM-2's.
  2. AudioBear
    Looking forward to hearing your impressions of the PM-1 versus the PM-2.  I will have the PM-2 on loan soon and I just sent back the PM-3.
    Could be a tough choice for me because I had similar feelings about the PM-3 that you did about the PM-1.
  3. Evshrug
    Yeah, the PM-3's absolutely sucked me in (writing a review on them, hope to finish today) and were more enjoyable than any other closed headphone I've heard in a long time. I wanted one but I was able to resist because my lifestyle doesn't really require a closed headphone (at least now), but JiffySquid suggested I try out the PM-2... I couldn't resist! Now I have only 7 weeks (4 pay checks) to prepare myself for something that could be worth emptying the fun-budget :wink:
  4. Bong Hollywodd
    I'm actually about to have a head to head testing with the PM-3, PM-1, EL-8, and X2 while running on HA-2 or Dragonfly 1.2.  I've invited some of my friends (a couple of DJ's and a fellow head-fi'r  to come to my house.  I'll give them a rating sheet and ask them about their gripe about it. 
  5. jerick70
    I received my set of PM-1 loaners today.  Here are few of my thoughts on my listening so far with them.  I am comparing to the loaner PM-3s, HiFiMan HE-560s, and Alpha Dogs.
    1) They have a lot of bass.  They may be a bit to bass heavy for me.  I need to listen for a bit longer to decide.
    2) Percussion is amazing.  Especially cymbals.
    3) They sound a bit closed in for an open headphone.
    4) Playing on number two above, the sound stage is much smaller that the HE-560s and Alpha Dogs.  I think it is partly due to how close your ear sits next to the driver.  They may benefit from a thicker, angled pad to open up the sound stage.
    5) I was very impressed by 6.3 mm SE cable that is included.  The best quality that I've experienced with a new set of headphones.
    6) The clamp is much better on the PM-1 than the PM-3.  I'm guessing this is because the PM-1 has been used by more headfiers than the PM-3s and have loosened up.
    7) The are very comfortable.  They fall right between the HE-560 and Alpha Dogs in comfort.  Alpha Dogs being more comfortable. 
    8) The fit and finish is impeccable as always with Oppo.
    9) The swivel on the yoke that allows each ear cup to turn is loose to the point that the ear cups turn when you don't want them to. 
  6. jerick70
    I'm really liking the PM-1s when using them for FPS gaming.  I'm playing COD Advanced Warfare.  The weapon sounds are VERY satisfying!  They're not quite as resolving as the HE-560s when playing.  For instance, when running down a hallway you can pin point where footsteps are coming from with the HE-560s.  With the PM-1s you can hear the footsteps but it is a bit more difficult to find where they are coing from.   
    I have switched from listening to Jazz to listening to Rock.  Pearl Jam Ten sounds amazing!  The PM-1s really bring out the beauty in this album.  The nuances in the guitar riffs are mind blowing with the PM-1s.
  7. geetarman49
    finally got around to posting my impressions -
  8. jerick70
    @Bong Hollywodd, the PM-1s are on there way to you.  I'll miss these quite a bit.
  9. Bong Hollywodd
    Thanks,  Can you PM the Tracking Number.... I'm jonezing for this headphone. 
  10. jerick70

    @Jiffy Squid will send you a PM with the tracking number.
    The PM-1s are sweet headphones!  I will miss them. 
  11. Soundsgoodtome
    Great news! The PM2 loaner has arrived to me today from Musicheaven. I won't be able to listen/open them until later tonight, can't wait!
  12. Bong Hollywodd
    PM-1, HA-2, PM-3, x2 and EL-8
    This is what greeted me today...  onward on to my testing.  Will post multiple pictures and impressions of the PM-1 and how does it stack up with the rest of bunch.  Will have a size\wieght comparison, comfort and of course sound quality.  Will update as much as I can. 
  13. Evshrug
    Holy crap!!!
  14. seamonster76
    I agree to the terms and conditions and I'd like to try out PM1.
  15. MWSVette
    Good Afternoon,
    I would be interested in the Oppo PM-1.  I understand the terms and conditions of this program.
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