Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Apr 3, 2014.
  1. Psychonaut71
    Not heard of the Aeon but will have a look, cheers.
  2. zilch0md
    As a compliment to the PM-1, consider the affordable Beyerdynamic DT880 600-Ohm version, if you have an amp with enough power, you can stick with the factory, single-ended cabling. But if that power is available from your amp, only via a 4-pin balanced connector (as with the HA-1), take the plunge and get the DT880 600 recabled for balanced operation.

    I consider it to be a poor man's HD800, but I actually prefer the DT880-600 over the HD800, in many ways - mostly in terms of bass energy (which is not at all excessive, just much better than the HD800), but also in terms of dynamics. It's very fast, with lots of detail and the treble isn't nearly as finicky, in terms of DAC and amp selection, as that of the HD800. G

    et the Beyer factory "Pleather" pads, too, instead of the velour - for a better seal.

    See this thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/omg-tons-of-bass-from-dt880-05-heres-how.208648/
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  3. Psychonaut71
    Have kind of held back on AKG because of the reports of that sibilance issue - I suppose it comes down to personal preference - some might hear shrill notes others might hear highly defined treble.
  4. Psychonaut71
    Research I've done so far would indicate that the Beyer house sound might be what I'm after. Have you been able to listen to the DT1990 Pro, and any observations in relation to the 880 and HD800. The prospect of a more 'user friendly' HD800 sounds perfect.
  5. ray-dude
    Utopia was wonderful, but the appeal of the Elear was that it hinted at the Utopia (for me). I much prefer the HD-800 to the Elear for that high energy presence/expansive soundstage feel. The PMx2 kicks the Elear up and down the street (for me). With the v2 of the PMx2 (a hair more extension, reduced distortion), I find it superior to the Utopia (the v1 which I reviewed in my post fell a hair short of the Utopia).

    The PMx2's are such a revelation over the PM-1 and PM-2, I highly recommend that all PM-1/2 owners track down a pair and give them a listen. In UK, I know that Mike Carrick has been enjoying his PMx2's (v2's) https://www.head-fi.org/threads/audio-zenith-pmx2-impressions-page.766713/page-17#post-13321806

    I adore my PM-x2's (v2's), but I still enjoy swapping in my HD-800's for a fling every now and then. After a bit of time (usually an evening or two), the excitement inevitably wears off and I go back to my PM-x2's with a huge smile on my face. With the Chord DACs, both absolutely sing. Chord DACs are a revelation with low distortion cans, in my experience. PMx2's are the most neutral low distortion cans I've heard. HD-800's are the most spacious and dynamic (until you get up to electrostatics). AudioQuest NightHawks are the lowest distortion (and magical with Chord DACs...they're what the designer uses to tune his DACs) but they have a bizarre decidedly non-neutral sound signature.

    (and yes, HiFiShark has international listings...I actually bought my Chord DAVE from France!)
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  6. Dobrescu George
    I quite love the HD800 as well. Especially the new HD800S, wish I'll have a chance to get one soon.
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  7. zilch0md
    Hi Psychonut!

    I've never heard any of the other Beyers except for having owned the T1 for several months - which was too smooth and laid back for my tastes, at least with my best amp at the time, the Burson Soloist.

    I have a ton of respect and concurrence of opinion with Skylab, who barely knows me, but when I read his comments about coming back to the DT880 600, I just had to step down from my collection of better phones and give it a try. With lots of power, it has the tightest, most textured bass, without being overly energetic relative to mids and highs. The treble isn't at all fatiguing, but it's a wee bit "crystalline," yet has none of that HD800 glare or sibilance, even on amps like the HA-1 (that doesn't work well with the HD800, in my opinion, and even with ESS DACs.

    If you underpower the DT880 600, it gets sloppy in the bass and mids. They offer it in lower impedance versions, for lesser amps, but everything I've read says they just don't sound as good as a properly-powered 600-Ohm version.

    The Beyer DT880 600 is definitely my 2nd favorite headphone, after the PM-1, and both of them are great when you just want to enjoy listening for long periods, despite their being very different.

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  8. bcschmerker4
    In my own search for headsets, I had to rule the Oppo® PM-1 out of further consideration due to both my 'puters driving my due-for-replacement Plantronics® GAMECOM® 380 to the point that I have to go minimum-volume on the inline attenuator - I fear I'd burn out the PM-1 in less than a month. I've already shortlisted the Heil Sound™ ProSet™ MediaPro™ to replace the 380; it's one of the most robust headsets currently in production, and I'd like to hear for myself what effect the tuned 200Ω closed-back speakers have. (The sort of harness I want for the MediaPro would be composed of three SMPTE-grade microphone cables: one with a green 6.3mm TRS plug for the speakers, one with a pink 6.3mm TRS plug for the microphone, and one with a white 6.3mm TRS plug for a push on/push off Transmit button.) The beyerdynamic® DT880 would be a fine backup for the ASUS® CM1630-06, which now packs a Creative Laboratories® SB1550 (which is rated for 600Ω headphones from the factory!) and 3.5mm jacks fore and aft..
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  9. Army-Firedawg
    Has anyone by chance had the opportunity to hear these out of a HDVD800? If so, please share your impressions. Thank you kindly.
  10. Psychonaut71
    Looking for some aftermarket cable (3.5mm end as needs to plug into a Mojo) and have seen on eBay (UK) cables made by company called Custom Cans. Just wandered if anyone has bought these and if they were worth the investment. Will cost about £115 for 2m length.
  11. sotto123
    I'm trying to get to the bottom as to whether the PM-1 and PM-2 do indeed sound identical if you put the PM-1 pads on the PM-2. As I understand it, the drivers are the same but the housing material and damping are different? Wouldn't the damping change the sound?

    Has anyone A/B tested the two recently?

    There's quite a big price difference between the two - to the tune of £500. Cosmetics really don't matter to me. I don't understand the justification for pricing the PM-1 at £500 extra on this alone.
  12. Army-Firedawg

    The only difference is the PM-1 cpmes with the extra luxury stuff I.e. the wooden case, extra pads, and nicer materials. Sonically they're the same.
  13. sotto123

    In that case, I may as well get the PM-2 and spend another £50 on the leather pads.

    Could this be why Oppo are discontinuing the PM-2?
  14. Army-Firedawg
    First I've heard of them discontinuing them but it's very possible.
  15. Psychonaut71
    For the last 3 years I've pretty much been listening exclusively to my PM-1 with the alternate leather pads and balanced to the HA-1. I had been considering getting the Beyer DT1990 Pro in order to have something a bit more sparkly and neutral to complement the smooth rich sound of the PM's. However higher up priority list was something to replace my HA-1 which I sold recently due to space issues. This week I bought the Chord Mojo and also got an ultra low capacitance cable (from Custom Cables) at the same time. Put it all together - pressed play....Where had all that warmth gone!! The sound was completely different. Quite thin and lacking in body. Was this the Mojo being more transparent and resolving than the HA-1? Was it the cable providing a cleaner sound? Who knows, maybe a combination of both. So I tried the velour pads and....Wow - perfect balanced sound. The warmth and smoothness was back but the sound now had much more energy and air to it. Looks like I might hold off on the Beyers for now. The Mojo, new cable and velour pads seem to have hit a real sweet spot. Just thought I'd share with you good people :o2smile:
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