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Oppo HA-2 SE

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by blacklwf, Oct 3, 2016.
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  1. howdy
    Better take that deal, Oppo announced yesterday that that they are going out of business. No more Oppo, I should try and buy some of there gear again.
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  2. goon525
    They’re not exactly going out of business, they’re ceasing production of home cinema products. They are still significant in mobile phones. I’m not sure there’s any clarity yet about headphone gear.
  3. ekrauss
    The company that makes the mobile phones, Oppo Electronics, is a different company than the one that makes head-fi and Blu-ray players, Oppo Digital. Oppo Electronics is an extremely large company headquartered in China, while Oppo Digital is a very small company headquartered in the U.S.
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  4. alphanumerix1
    Pulling the trigger on a ha1se expecting a good pairing with the pm3
  5. alvinmate
    I just bought mine today after some comparison with Fiio Q5... Hard to tell them apart however on some songs like classical music and vocals are noticeable. Yes it does have little sparkle but its clean and clear sound and maybe little better detail top end...well if you prefer that. Its definitely preference thing and its good to try with your own ears... Me loving it...
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2018
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  6. Audiofiend1
    I found a pretty much mint condition HA2 SE with all accessories and box for $175. I already have the ha2 is it worth the upgrade??
  7. SLC1966
    I have had both SE comes into play if you have super sensitive IEMs. They have different DAC chips. But some lorefer the original version chip and some prefer the SE chip.
  8. PWGuy
    Can owners confirm the HA-2SE works without issues on iOS 12.1? My HA-2SE works great with my iPhone SE on 10.3.3 but I don't want to upgrade and run into issues with connecting the DAC via lightning/USB. Thx
  9. corgifall
    It ran perfectly fine when I ran IOS 12 in beta form. It also worked just fine in IOS 11 for me with both the oppo lightning cable and the regular OE apple one.
  10. PWGuy
    Excellent - thanks!
  11. Zodler
    I also have this among many other DACs. What I love about this is 2 things. First, you can directly connect your iphone to this with one standard lightening cable provided by your iphone. Second, it also works as a power bank. So, sometimes I need to bring an extra battery because I know my battery will go down. Now, I just take this instead, not only it's a battery, it's also a DAC.

    Today also I read that Oppo is no longer and they are not going to make any new products. That's sad
  12. jlikestofly
    I’ve got a 2SE and have no issues on iOS12 thus far.
  13. NeroKrycek
    Just got my HA-2SE and my god I love this thing it work flawlessly with my Pioneer XDP-100R, Nokia 7 Plus and my laptop which runs Linux. I'm currently using it with my Sennheiser Momentum 2s and they sound pretty damn good. in my laptop I use the Audacious music player which I have set to output directly to the HA-2SE using ALSA, in my Nokia it works best with UAPP and it work fine with the built in app on my Pioneer. One thing I have noticed though is when using it in windows in the sound setting I can only select sample rates up to 192khz yet it states on in the specs that the device supports sample rates up to 384khz. Does anyone know why this is?
  14. Slim1970
    Same here, I just repurchased this amp to go with my Oppo PM-3's and I've had no connection issues with IOS 12.

    What I'm torn on is the bass boost feature. It's more of a midbass bump than subbass bump, which works well for bass lite headphones. The CEntrance DACPortable's bass boost is implemented better to me because it enhances the subbass. Not only that, the DACPortable offers a treble boost that works well with the Sennheiser HD6xx series of headphones. The DACPortable has more power and is Class A. But they are both good amps and I like them both.
  15. keithmarsh

    Does anyone have a firmware update file for the HA-2SE. v6.77 Or later?

    I accidentally installed an older firmware (thinking it was a newer one) and now my HA-2SE doesn’t work :frowning2:
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