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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. MikeyFresh
    Correct, my mistake.

    So friendly, but not entirely accurate as I was mentioning the easy existence of that cable when it was stated that almost no one makes it.

    Big deal I posted the wrong link initially, however the same seller offers the same cable in micro B, as pointed out later.

    So what. I also variously referred to the seller as yourcharger, and meant no actual representation of gender by my use of "he" if anyone was offended or indeed the seller is a woman. I am a happy several time repeat customer of yourcharger.
  2. xXOnGXx
    Does anyone have any luck connecting the HA-2 (not SE) with digital output on fiio X5mk3, ak100ii or cayin n5ii?
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  3. alpovs
    HA-2 (and SE) has only one digital input - USB, and no digital outputs. I am afraid what you are asking is not possible,
  4. SteveOliver
    That isn't right I'm sure. I don't own the DAP's mentioned but I do use my HA-2 with a Shanling M0 and M3s all the time over USB. I'm sure the Fiio X5iii would support that too (untested by me though)
  5. alpovs
    Yes, Shanling M0, M1, M3 (and maybe others) can serve as USB transport. I use the M1 with my HA-2SE occasionally. But the DAPs mentioned have coax outputs. Since the poster said simply "digital output" I assumed s/he meant that one. I wouldn't call USB port a digital output.
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  6. SteveOliver
    Oh yes I see what you mean. I took digital output to mean USB but the question isn't very clear. @xXOnGXx did you mean USB or coax/optical digital output?
  7. afreekindazone
    USB is also considered as form of digital output (c.f audio output to dac/amp dongles for smartphones without a headphone jack). However, it will depends on the hardware/software configurations.
  8. xXOnGXx
    So sorry for the confusing question, I should have rephrase it. What i mean is, the DAP as a USB transport which serves digital signal/USB audio out to Oppo HA-2 via micro-usb to micro-usb connection. As I have tried 2 mobile phones, HTC M9 (with little distorted sound) and Moto G 1st gen (LTE) (which doesn't work at all), so I am thinking of getting a DAP that works with the HA-2.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
    SteveOliver likes this.
  9. SteveOliver
    OK, Thanks for clarifying. I my experience, via the micro USB input the HA-2 will work with many different devices that support a USB DAC function. Two things to try:

    1. The cable you are using, perhaps try a different one.
    2. Give the trial of USB Audio Player Pro a go if you haven't tried it already. Its worth the money and is"plug and play" with most of the Android devices I've used it with including my HA-2SE.
  10. xXOnGXx
    For the cable, I'm using the original micro usb to micro usb cable that comes with the HA-2 and also purchased another new L-angled cable from Oppo directly.
    I've also tried the USB Audio Player Pro app as well but still having the same distorted sound (tiny little crack/pop sound every few seconds, sounds like vinyl record) with my HTC M9.

    It seems like USB Audio Player Pro is unable to override the existing "audio driver" in my HTC M9 and Moto G. Thus, nothing works for me.
    It's good to hear that Shanling is working well with amp. May I know are you using HA-2 or HA-2SE? Any idea is there a possibility that Shanling works only with HA-2SE but not HA-2?
  11. SteveOliver
    I have the SE version so maybe DAP's ad phones that work with mine won't work with the original HA-2 that you have, but I doubt you will have any issues. I use the cable that Oppo used to sell otherwise for me there was an issue where the device (LG V30) in my case can end up charging the battery in the HA-2SE which is obviously something I didn't want.

    I also have the Shanling L2 cable that works when I want to use my M0, M2s or m3s with the HA-2SE.
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  12. alpovs
    HA-2 and HA-2SE are the same in terms of connectivity. If one works in one situation the other will work too.

    The DAPs you mentioned do not support USB transport (this feature is still quite rare) but they have coax out which is digital that's why I misinterpreted your question.

    The USB transport feature is part of the spec. Look at the specifications of a particular DAP, if it is not there it won't work the way you are looking for. I'd recommend one of the Shanlings, in fact the simplest and the cheapest one because you won't need their own DAC and audio, only the USB part. I think all Shanlings support USB transport. I have a Shanling M1. It's very small. After I bought it they introduced the M0 which is even smaller. Look at them and get whichever you like more. The only issue I have with my Shanling M1 now is that the battery self-discharges completely if I don't use it for a couple of weeks. When it was new it it could sit without use for much longer and still have some charge.

    In order to use the Shanling with your HA-2 you will need a new cable because Shanlings have USB-C port. The cable that works (not all of them work) was discussed earlier in this thread. This cable works: http://www.ebay.com/itm/292052970340
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  13. xXOnGXx
    I've got a USB-C to micro usb cable directly from Oppo that is designed for HA-2SE, but I think it should work with HA-2. Thanks.
  14. Chris Ihao
    Yup. No reason it shouldn't. It must simply be otg at both ends, which necessarily is the case with the SE as well :)

    PS: Got the previously mentioned usb c to micro cable from ebay, and it works perfectly. Bought two as it basically costs 8 bucks or something, with free shipping.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  15. CWillCalho
    I just did a quick sound comparison using my Sennheiser 800S with the Oppo HA 2 and the Marantz HD-DAC1. I would say it might be a tie....
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