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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. headhuan
    Geez, just what I need...another portable audio gizmo. LMAO....I'll probably get one once available through Amazon/B&H Photo.
    Hey, I have a high definition movie on my computer and I want to burn it to DVD for playback on TV. Is there any video to DVD converter recommended? But then, would the movie suffer much quality loss? I hope to download one converter reducing the quality loss to a minimum.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
  2. invite
    Just chiming in that the FiiO CL06 USB-C to Micro cable works just fine with the HA-2 and my S9 Plus. It's worked flawlessly over the last few weeks, unlike that eBay cable, which started showing faults after a week. I bought mine from Amazon, but it's also in FiiO's AliExpress store and I've seen some other reseller links for it.
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  4. Audiofiend1
    Hi guys, i'm thinking about picking up one of these ha2's i found a killer deal which i might just take today. Now let's say i want to pair this with my Mjolnir 2 amp, how and could i connect the ha2 dac to my amp and connect it all to my computer, will that work? Does this only run off battery power or can i connect it to a main off the wall?
  5. SteveOliver
    You could use the HA-2 to do this but unless you need a portable DAC I would go with a desktop DAC. What's your budget? Perhaps look at the Modi 2 or Bifrost. I don't own these but I would imagine they would pair better with your Mjolnir 2 amp than the Oppo, if only in form factor.
  6. PDC3
    Computer’s USB port to mini USB input on the HA2. The HA2 lineout via 3.5 mm to RCA L/R cable to your Mjolnir. The USB powers the HA2, so when you want to go portable the HA2 battery will be powered up.
    I THINK my Modi Optical desktop dac provides a bit broader soundstage but I’ve never had a superior portable sound and I have a desktop dac (Emotiva XDA-1) that’s only equal to HA2, no better. So HA2 highly recommended.
  7. nwavesailor
    I've had my Oppo HA-2SER for almost 2 years w/o any issues.
    The last 2 listening sessions, paired with a iPod Nano and lightning to USB cable, I have had to turn the Oppo off and back on again after a sudden stop in playback. It also froze the iPod and it need to be unfrozen. I may contact Oppo and ask what to do as it is intermittent or perhaps try another USB / Lightning cable.
  8. DrunkSaru
    Will throw in my 2 cents here. I think the HA-2 has a better sounding (more resolving) DAC than the Modi 2 and even the Modi 2 Uber but the M2U sounds a bit wider or has a bit more depths depending on the music you're listening to. Otherwise, I prefer to HA-2. Now the Modi Multibit is another story but the multibit's are a love or hate deal so I don't like to recommend those. I can't recommend the Bifrost either unless you're planning on buying the cheap one first and then upgrading the internals later. I actually can't tell much of a difference until I hit the Yggdrasil range DACs but thats too freakin expensive. I've also enjoyed in the similar price range, the Dragonfly Red and JDS Labs Standalone ODAC Rev B, the latter being my second favorite next to the Modi Multibit. I don't own original Modi2 anymore but I have the rest Since it's my way of testing different amps and figuring out what pairing I like best. I still absolutely love my HA2 though .. I think i'm going on 4 years now since I bought mine. Too bad my battery doesn't hold a very good charge anymore, but eventually it will become my secondary desktop DAC/AMP so It's all good.
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  9. grae313
    I'm hoping someone subscribed to this thread who is knowledgeable about electronics can help me out!

    I'm hunting for a used HA2 to buy, and located one that looks well cared for and is priced fairly, but the owner appears to have lost the original AC adapter and has been using other chargers with the amp. I'm wondering if it's possible this could damage the dac, amp, or battery. E.g. if he just used a standard phone charger or something. Is damage likely? Unlikely? I'm really not sure. Any help is appreciated.
  10. DrunkSaru
    You can use any USB charger up to 5V 2A to chage the HA2. The charger it came with is a 5V 4A that's unique to Oppo for their, what was considered at the time, quick charge technique which they I believe called VOOC. If you don't need fast charge, you can plug it into most standard USB ports that goes up to 2A. Most computers will have a USB that will charge anywhere from 5V 0.5A, up to 5V 1A. you can plug it in there and charge if you want. It will just take a lot longer to charge but won't harm the device. Just be careful with newer chargers that will charge at more than 5V or more than 2A. Then again, most chargers are designed to charge at 5V1A if it won't support quick charge.
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  11. grae313
    Thank you so much for such a thorough and informative reply! It would seem that it's unlikely that the device would have been damaged given the scope of USB chargers consumers typically have lying around the house, and now I also know what to look for to make sure whatever charger I may use in the future is safe. Cheers!
  12. wilsonlaidlaw
    Your national Oppo agency, if they have not closed down, may still have stock of the VOOC charger. When I bought a used HA2-SE earlier this year, the owner had also lost the original charger. I was able to buy a replacement from Oppo UK (and some replacement silicone rubber bands.
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  13. SteveOliver
    Its also possible to buy VOOC chargers, including in car chargers and cables from ebay.
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  14. grae313
    Thanks guys, I'll look into grabbing a replacement. I purchased the used HA-2, can't wait for it to get here :)
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  15. wilsonlaidlaw
    Yes but would you trust your life to a charger bought off Fleabay let alone your HA2/HA2-SE. A lot of the cheap Chinese made chargers do not separate properly or insulate between the mains (110 or 220V) and the low 5V sides of the charger. The national electrical safety approval marks such as CE are just faked. They kill people and not infrequently go on fire. I bought a MacBook Charger from eBay which turned out to a fake. Within minutes, it got hot enough to fry an egg on (if you wanted to). The seller claimed it was genuine but eBay agreed with me.
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