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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. wilsonlaidlaw
    Sadly from reading their website, it does not appear to be compatible with 30 pin Apple devices (iPod Classic etc), which have no Toslink optical output. Otherwise it seems a very nice device with twin ESS Sabre converters. I will ask them about 30 pin.
  2. SteveOliver
    In this case you will have to use the line-in input.
  3. wilsonlaidlaw
    Surely using the analogue line input, totally negates the value of having an external DAC in the DAC-amplifier. I don't know how much Apple spent on the DAC chips in their iPod Classics, but I bet it was not a lot. I am sure there must be portable DAC amplifiers that are iPod/30 pin compatible. Oppo cannot have been the only company making these. I see there are still UK companies offering new HA2-SE's for sale. I don't know if Oppo's exit from the business means you get a discount, or as happened when Apple stopped making iPod Classics, the price of unsold new ones went up considerably.
  4. MikeyFresh
    It isn't sufficient to say 30-pin when asking a manufacturer about compatibility, as not all 30-pin iPods are alike.

    For instance, Oppo claimed no compatibility/support with anything but iOS devices for the HA-2, so if you check the specs, they do not list the iPod Classic as compatible. But, the iPod Classic (6th & 7th Gen) are actually compatible with the HA-2's digital input, despite it being officially unsupported.

    I asked Oppo why that is and they said the HA-2 was designed around an Apple "MFi" authentication chip that was one generation newer than iPod Classic, so they made no promises and officially it wasn't supposed to work, and more specifically, they weren't willing to test it with what was considered an old "legacy" device (the iPod Classic).

    Complicating things further for these manufacturers was the tendency for consumers to refer to all click wheeled iPods as "Classics", when really only the Gen 6 and 7 are actually the Classic model, and those are the only two with compatible digital output from the 30-pin dock.

    Still further complicating things? The Gen 5.5 iPod "Video", did have a short-lived version of digital output that is not the same as what is in the Classic. That short-lived version in the Gen 5.5 Video does not operate in USB "Host mode", and it is compatible with only a small handful of devices, most notably home docks such as those from Wadia and Pure. I have heard of rare cases where such Gen 5.5 Video iPods do work with an MFi digital input (USB Type A) such as a car's infotainment system, but they typically don't work with portable DACs.

    So the only way for you to know if the RHA L1 will work with any given iPod is to actually try it, or have someone else try it who owns that combination. I would venture a guess it will work with an iPod Classic (Gen 6 or 7 only), but not with other click wheeled iPods such as the Gen 5.5 Video. I would also guess RHA will say it's unsupported with the Classic, just like Oppo did.
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
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  5. wilsonlaidlaw
    The HA2-SE is not perfect with an iPod Classic (I have a gen 6 and a gen 7) and sometimes you get a second or so when you think: "oh oh that doesn't sound right at all" but then it recovers. I never get that with the iPod touch but that stays permanently in my car, as the 30 pin to USB3 connection is too slow with the Classics compared with the Lightning to USB3 and it takes forever to scroll down though 400 albums, if you happen to want to play an album beginning with Z plus you only get shown the very occasional front cover with the Classics. The person who I am looking for, also has about 5 or 6 iPod classics, either Gen 6 or 7, in various locations round the world. I looked at an Astell and Kern AK70 but it seemed a bit expensive for what if was and if my memory is correct, actually uses the same DAC chip as the iPods 6 and 7 use, Cirrus 4398, so no advance. I am probably going to suggest he buys an HA2-SE and takes a risk on future warranty.
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    This one works as expected with my S9+ and HA-2. It doesn't attempt to power the DAC and kill my phone's battery like the cable from a few years ago (they both look exactly alike from the limited time I spent examining them). Thanks for the reassurance.
    EDIT: An hour into using the combo, it looks like it's still using the S9 battery to charge the HA-2. Besides the battery drain, I noticed the little sliver in the notification bar that says "USB charging connected device." The HA-2 still shows all four LEDs when I press the battery button just now, though they don't remain lit otherwise.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  7. alpovs
    If the LEDs on the HA-2 are not lit when connected then your phone is not charging it. Android may think otherwise but the HA-2 is not pulling the charge.

    See the HA-2 manual. Page 7: "Battery Level / Charging Indicators: Four green lights indicate the HA-2’s internal battery level. When charging, these lights also indicate the charging status and currently charged capacity." "Battery Check / Power Bank Button: A single press of this button lights up the Battery Level Indicators to show the HA-2’s internal battery level."

    On my HA-2SE the LEDs are lit when charging and off when not charging. If they are off when connected to your phone the HA-2 is definitely NOT charging, If I use the wrong cable the LEDs light up immediately when I connect it to the phone.

    EDIT: When charging the LEDs blink. Per the manual: "Plugging the charger into a power outlet will begin charging the HA-2’s battery, and the Charging Indicators on the side of the unit will start to blink." Well, only one of the LEDs blinks and when fully charged all four LEDs stay on.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
    Interesting. And now I'm down to two LEDs, so this assessment is correct. Wasn't sure if there was some siphoning still going on, but my S9 battery isn't draining as fast as it was with the older charging cable.

    Anyway, I've paired mine with the Fiio F9 Pro in-ears and enjoy it. There was some EMI or RFI noise going on earlier when I didn't have any music playing, but barely noticeable.
  9. grig
    Someone here had try to use the iDefender 3.0 with no psu with the ha2 ? or any other way to use the ha2 with a laptop but eliminating the battery charge during playback ?
  10. redkingjoe

    Hey Guys,
    I’m new in technology! I’m still using cd disc-man for music.

    I am very much interested in the HA-2! I’m having ipad2 using big head cable( I don’t know what’s the name).

    Can I use a big head cable to carry digital data to use the day of the HA-2?

    In my life, I saw some cables with “big-head to 3.5mm” or “ big-head to USB”!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  11. Cloudtastrophe
    its called the 30-pin connector, and I am pretty sure it does, but I dont have my HA2 at the moment to test it out
  12. invite
    i am very interested in purchasing one of these, do any of you guys know how to find one, especially the SE version, for a reasonable price besides just camping the forum classifieds? >_<
  13. wilsonlaidlaw
    Some of the Oppo dealers in the UK still had new stock a few weeks ago because the friend I was researching for, to find an alternative amp/DAC for thirty pin plug iPods as good as the HA2-SE, ended up buying a new HA2-SE from a UK dealer. Amazon.com is showing some sellers as well but with silly prices being asked. You will just have to use a search engine to look.
  14. invite
    I only see uk dealers selling it for retail price at 280 pounds => 380 usd. that's insane!!! Guess I will just have to hope somebody sells it on the forums one day.
  15. wilsonlaidlaw
    That is the level of prices including sales (value added) tax us folk in Europe have to live with. You might be able to find a dealer who could arrange a tax free sale for you for export outside the European Union, which would reduce the price by 20%. The HA-2SE DAC/Amps have become like new iPod classics, being sold at a premium due to scarcity - supply and demand equation. Just have a look on eBay.
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